Wake-Up Call: A Study of Nonprofit Leadership in the US

And Its Impending Crisis

Nonprofits in the US are facing an impending crisis. Lack of succession planning, competent leadership, or blueprint for the future are raising alarms for nonprofit experts. Read this study conducted by Boardable, Plymouth University, Bloomerang, Concord Leadership Group, and Donor Search.

The Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call Nonprofit Leadership Study Graphic

Some of the topics covered in the study include:

  • Leadership styles of current nonprofit executives- servant leadership, transformational, transactional, and charismatic styles
  • The state of the nonprofit leadership environment today- perceptions, training levels, career longevity, etc.
  • Strategic and succession planning- an evaluation of the extent to which most nonprofits are thinking ahead
  • Leadership development- how the next generation of nonprofit leaders is being introduced to the field and supported in their journey
  • Fundraising climate- common statistics and practices of nonprofit leadership in fundraising, and how they translate to the future
  • Conclusions- profound trends and statistics about the urgent need for more nonprofit leadership development

If you work in the nonprofit field, don’t miss this study.

Learn where your nonprofit’s weak areas are for succession and leadership planning. It’s not too late to prepare your organization for a strong future!

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