Testimonial: The Ease of Using Boardable – Carol Smith of Servants at Work

Carol Smith was serving as vice-chair of Servants at Work (SAWS), a service organization that builds home ramps for low-income permanently disabled residents, when she noticed that the board was struggling to stay efficient and focused between meetings. Later, she became the board chair and wanted to find a better way of doing things. As she began the search for a solution, she learned about the advantages of board management software. But would it be difficult to learn how to use? Would the other board members adapt to it? What Carol found was a pleasant surprise.

“I would definitely recommend Boardable, and I have done it several times.”


Unifying a Board of Busy Individuals

One of the first advantages to using Boardable that Carol noticed is that it unified the board. Not only did everyone have a central location for sharing information and planning meetings, it also helped build rapport.

“Boardable is really the platform that glues us all together. Everything we need is right there… Boardable brings a cohesiveness for our organization. It is our home away from home, if you will. It is a place where we can meetliterally and figuratively.”

Additionally, the portal made building rapport easier among board members. Especially when someone is new to the board, it can be difficult to remember names with faces. Even if you’re a veteran board member, it’s helpful to have everyone’s contact information handy so that you can contact each other about projects between meetings. This information becomes even more accessible with the free mobile app. Now, board members have contact info right on their phone or device.

“I also particularly like having the list of board members with photographs. I use, and like, the mobile platform of Boardable and I would imagine that my board members do as well, because it’s so easy to use.”


Save Time and Effort

As any board chair, admin, board secretary, or executive director knows, planning meetings can eat up hours each month. First, there’s the writing and approval of the agenda, then the voting and dispersing of minutes. That’s not even accounting for any other preparation material that has to be compiled in addition. Boardable has several meeting features that save you time, money, and lots of paper.

“The meeting center is a real advantage for board members. Preparing for meetings, it has been amazing not having to put together board notebooks which takes hours of staff time. Just simply attaching the documents to the portal.”

Board leaders like Carol Smith love how Boardable makes her job easier. With a central location for everything the board needs, the board members are more engaged and the administrators have less work. It’s so easy to use, even the most reluctant adopters will be RSVPing to meetings on the mobile app in no time. See what Boardable can do for your nonprofit with a free trial.

About Servants at Work

A Boardable testimonial video from board chair Carol Smith shows how the nonprofit board portal made meeting planning, document storage, communication, and engagement easier and more effective.



Servants at Work is a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing freedom to low-income, permanently disabled individuals through the construction of wheelchair ramps to the exterior of the homes. SAWs’ wheelchair ramps serve as gateways to the world, re-opening the possibilities of connecting with neighbors and a larger community while providing independence and dignity to disabled individuals. To learn more about SAWs, visit sawsramps.org.

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