EBOOK: The Accelerated Board Leader Kickoff Kit

The growing tech landscape is full of tools built to empower nonprofit boards to maximize existing resources and find new ones.¬†We’re here to help you cut you through the clutter.

Here is your free copy of The Accelerated Board Leader Kickoff Kit and discover a useful list of resources that will help you get the most out of your board leadership experience.

The Accelerated Board Leader Kickoff Kit

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Inside the pdf, you will learn tips and best practices for every area of nonprofit board service:

  • People Management- including board and committee management, as well as volunteer and event planning
  • Communications & Marketing- including internal engagement and promotion, and external promotion and marketing
  • Fundraising and Accounting- covering not only those topics, but also giving programs and leveraging social media

Use the techniques in the pdf to help each board member contribute as efficiently as possible. Better yet, include this guide with the orientation packet you give each new board member. Your board can grow to new heights with some simple best practices. Also, have a look at our Board Governance Checklist to make sure you have all of your board governance bases covered. Good luck!

Download My Ebook


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