Training Webinar: Boardable 2.8 Product Release

Boardable’s new product updates in the Boardable 2.8 product release are live! In the training webinar below, Boardable’s Product Manager Krista Martin and VP of Customer Success Julie Heath review the new features and walk us through how to start taking advantage of them. Note: This webinar was held on April 24, 2018.

Boardable 2.8 Product Release Training Webinar


Watch this pre-recorded training webinar to learn more about Boardable’s new Meeting Center Agenda Builder, the latest Document Center upgrades, and our new style upgrades on mobile.

What we cover in this webinar:

Boardable’s Meeting Center

– Draft mode for meeting creation
– Agenda Builder
– RSVP Upgrades
– Multiple Document Upload
– Meeting Messenger
– Collaborators

Agenda Builder makes creating meeting agendas a smoother, more collaborative process. It also nurtures engagement between meetings, as well as primes board and committee members to be active during meetings.

Upgrades to Boardable’s Document Center

​​​​​​​- Multiple Document Upload
​​- Drag and Drop functionality

Document Center gets two updates to make it faster and more intuitive. These Document Center enhancements uphold Boardable’s commitment to usability by adding functions users have come to expect from traditional file-hosting services.

Mobile Style Updates

Boardable’s 2.8 mobile style updates will allow users to take key actions in Boardable from a phone or tablet—all to encourage the development of a wired board.

You are able to access the release notes for Boardable’s 2.8 product release here. Find out what’s new and how to navigate through the latest features of our board management software.

Boardable 2.8 Product Release Training Webinar

If you should have any questions on how to use the newest Boardable features, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at support (@) boardable.com.

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