[VIDEO] Keep Your Board Members Focused in Boardable

We designed Boardable to facilitate more efficiency in your board of directors by streamlining communication. Two great examples of that capability are in the Groups and Document Center features. In this webinar, we sit down with Boardable Customer Success Manager Laura Clark and governance expert Kim Donahue. Check out this short video of best practices for using these features and keeping your board members focused on their important work.

In this 19-minute webinar, we also ask “Coach Kim” about governance tips. What documents should boards keep handy? What confidentiality concerns are there with board operations? How does your board know if it needs a governance committee? Kim shares her years of insight on these questions and more.

Keeping Board Members Focused

Groups Feature

Using the Groups feature allows you to segment your Boardable users by their role, committee, or permissions. For example, an event planning subcommittee doesn’t need to be overwhelmed with communication necessary to the whole board. In some cases, there are reasons of confidentiality that they shouldn’t see all the board’s discussion anyway. You can make their work simpler by creating an Event Planning Committee group. All of their meetings, tasks, and documents will be unique to them.

Furthermore, you can have an infinite number of groups in your portal. That means, if you are a member of the main board, the executive board, and the event planning committee, you can belong to three different groups and have your details for each separated accordingly. Board members stay focused on the work, not sorting through emails and documents.

Document Center

Similar to the Groups feature, the Document Center is meant to make board service more convenient and easy. Rather than digging through a hundred emails to find the right budget sheet, you can save all your important documents right in Boardable. Set up folders by group, and you can “lock” access to anyone outside the group. Have resources that everyone should be able to access? Leave the folder unlocked in the Document Center and you have a central location for all users to find your file.

Board Members Focused = Continuous Improvement

We are always working to add more features and instructional resources to make Boardable as easy and effective as possible. Do you have other features you’d like to learn more about? Feel free to send us a message. We look forward to learning more about your needs and providing useful content.

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