[VIDEO] Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis Testimonial

Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis has a mission of inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. With a board of 15, staff, and volunteers to coordinate, President and CEO Elyssa Campodonico-Barr finds Boardable invaluable. Learn more about how Boardable has helped Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis in this video below.

President and CEO Elyssa Campodonico-Barr Talks About Boardable

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Maximize Board Member “Time, Talent, and Treasure”

Part of the value that Elyssa finds in using Boardable is helping her busy board members do more for the organization with less time and effort. After all, board members are accomplished professionals and people with full lives. It is crucial that Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis finds ways to help them do their best work.

“Any tool that can keep us more organized, efficient, effective, the better we are going to be as a board, as an organization, and as staff…”

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Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis inspires girls to be strong, smart, and bold.


Part of honoring board members’ time and effort is getting more done between meetings. When a board meets just once a month, it is imperative that the organization finds ways to advance plans between them. For Elyssa, the Polls & Voting feature helps a lot.

“We use the Polls feature a lot when we are voting on things that don’t necessarily require us in our bylaws to be there in person, we can move forward instead of waiting.”

Girls, Inc. of Greater Indianapolis provides a variety of career, wellness, academic, and self-esteem programs.


A Strong Organizations Needs Effective Tools

Clearly, Elyssa Campodonico-Barr does an amazing job of coordinating complex operations for a growing nonprofit with a strong board and staff. At Boardable, we are proud that our product can help inspiring people and organizations like Elyssa and Girls, Inc. of Greater Indianapolis.

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