[VIDEO] Add New Users & Send Invites to Your Boardable Account

Adding new users is simple and quick in the Boardable software. You can easily add as many members as you need, with just an email address. You can also add them to Groups and select their role in the account.

Note: Administrators are the only users that have the permission to add a new user to an account.

How to Add People to Your Boardable Account


When you are ready to send these new users a welcome invite by email, follow the instructions in this video below.

How to Email Welcome Invites to New Users


Boardable New User Setup

To add a new user go to People in the left hand menu and select “add someone” in the upper right. Then, all you need to do is enter an email address for the person you want to add. This will be their log in email and the address where they will receive Boardable notifications. Just type in the email addresses or copy and paste. You can add a large list of users via .csv or excel file using the format provided.

Select your newcomers’ role, which also establishes what permissions they will have in the account. If you are adding multiple users at once, all users added in one batch will have the same role. Boardable’s account roles are Administrator, Member, and Observer. Only Administrators are able to add people to your account. They can also create groups, see all documents, and adjust the subscription. Typically, this might be the executive director, board chair, staff, or the board administrator. Members can collaborate on meetings, create polls and discussions and see permitted documents. Observers will be able to view groups they are in, participate in meetings and polls, but will not have access to the Document Center.

Once you have added your new users you can send them their welcome invite from the Add People screen. If you are adding multiple new users, we suggest that you add them all and then do a mass send of the invites. To do that, navigate to the People Directory and select the users you want to invite by checking the box next to their name. Next, navigate to the top of the page and click on the Send invitations button. You will be able to customize the message that is sent with that email notification, and your board member will be able to click directly from that message to set up their account.

The welcome invite will be sent to the user’s login email address, where he or she will then be able to click from that email to set up their Boardable account. If you have users who are having trouble getting the email you can either choose to resend the welcome invites on the top of the People Directory, or you can choose to send a link directly from your own email. To do this, you would go to the People Directory, click on that individual, and then choose “Copy Invitation Link.” You can then paste that link into an email from yourself. Just remember that this is a user-specific link, so it will only work for that user.

Early Adaptation is Key to Great Engagement

As an Administrator, you’ll be notified the very first time someone logs onto Boardable. You can monitor if a user has logged in yet by the status in the People Directory. You will see if the invitation has been sent and received, and when the user last updated their profile. You may need to reach out to users who don’t update their profiles to make sure their invitation didn’t go into their spam mailbox, or to find out if they had technical trouble.

Board members will not receive additional notifications from Boardable until they login the first time, so helping them log in is a great first step to success. If you find that a user’s name or email address is not correct, reach out to Boardable support in our chat area, and we will help you get that changed.

One final tip: Once you have sent the invite, be sure to send your invited new users a link to this blog post or the video above to let them know what to expect.

For more detailed instructions, see the Help Center article.

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