[VIDEO] How to Use Boardable’s Polls and Voting Feature

Often, boards need to vote on matters from approving key decisions to deciding where to host a board retreat. With the Polls and Voting feature from Boardable, board members can vote remotely from their phones or while sitting in a meeting. Polls and votes can be conducted anonymously or publicly in real time. This two-minute video will provide you with a quick overview of how polls are created, viewed, edited, and deleted.


More Information on Polls and Voting

It’s simple and quick to set up a poll. Once a poll is published, it will show up on the dashboard of the respondents. Polls can be set for whatever period of time is appropriate and assigned to individuals, groups, meetings, or the whole organization. Later, you can run reports on the results of various polls and votes.

It’s just this easy:

  • Select “Polls” from the menu on the left of the dashboard.
  • Click on “Add Poll.”
  • Enter the question, a description (if needed), and the response options.
  • Designate an open or anonymous poll.
  • Assign the who should respond.
  • Save the poll and click “Publish” when you’re ready to send it to the audience. You’ll be given an option to notify them via email and include a message, if you want.

Polls and voting helps you develop active, contributing board members. It highlights important decision-making items between and leading up to meetings, all with remote convenience.. A dashboard of upcoming polls (as well as past ones) keeps everyone focused on key items, from budget approvals to strategic plans. Board members know what to prepare and decide on, and walk in ready to contribute. Vote on T-shirt design for an upcoming volunteer event or ask what caterer everyone prefers.

Try it at your next board meeting or between meetings to help your board make more progress faster!

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