[VIDEO] How to Use Minutes and Notes Feature in Boardable


If you’re using Boardable for video or in-person meetings already, you know the Meeting Center is full of tools that make preparing for and conducting meetings a breeze. One of the most significant ways it makes meetings more effective is the ability to take notes and even meeting minutes directly in the meeting panel. Whether you choose to create an agenda for the meeting and use that format for your minutes or skip an agenda and take free-form minutes, the process is easy and efficient

Here we will cover:

A How-To Video on Minutes and Notes

Watch this video for an overview of how to use Minutes and Notes.

If you want to skip to a specific topic in the video, here are the minute markers:

  • 0:25 – Access and permissions
  • 1:31 – Meeting Info
  • 1:55 – Track Attendance
  • 2:10 – Text Notations
  • 2:25 – Start a List
  • 2:40 – Create Tasks
  • 2:51 – Record Decisions or Votes
  • 3:16 – Add a New Outline Entry
  • 3:28 – Heading Options
  • 3:42 – Move Elements Up or Down in Minutes
  • 3:54 – Page Break Formatting

Accessing Minutes in the Meeting Center

To access Minutes and Notes, click on Meetings in the left-hand menu and select your meeting. Once your agenda has been built, you can record the minutes by clicking on the Take Minutes button.

You can add your Boardable agenda as a template to kickstart your minutes or you can start from scratch by using the freeform editor. The formatting options are similar for each. By using an agenda that you created earlier, you will already have the framework of your minutes established.

Before you begin, a lock screen will appear informing you that only one attendee at a time may take minutes and notes for the meeting. Click the lock to start editing and lock minutes for other participants. Later, you can click on the allow others to edit button to allow someone else to record the minutes.

Recording the Meeting Events in Minutes

Click on the plus sign at the top left to add items to your minutes. Scroll down inside the popup menu to select a type of minutes to create. Your options are: text, heading, page break, list, outline entry, attendance, decision, task, votes, and meeting info.

You can record:

  • Text Notations: Perfect for recording what committee reports were given or the results of an event or campaign.
  • Outline Entry: Have a new topic come up that wasn’t on the agenda? Add a section for it and record the proceedings.
  • Page Break: This is useful for formatting your minutes in a more scannable format. Break up major sections on new pages.
  • List: Ideal for recording any brainstorming ideas, a list of supplies needed for an agenda topic, and so on.
  • Headings: Choose the size of heading text you want to draw attention to or divide a certain section.
  • Attendance: When you choose this option, you will have a list of meeting invitees to record as Present, Present (Remote), and Not Present.

In addition to recording these events in your minutes, you can also add notes next to each field to provide more information about each action.

Free-Form Minutes Maker

If you have an impromptu meeting, or a meeting without a prepared agenda, you can still take minutes to record the happenings in your meeting. Similar to building them from the agenda as described above, you would start by going to your meeting. From there, you can select “Take Minutes” and then “Start from Scratch.” From there, you will build your minutes using the options previously discussed. Click on the four dots next to each heading to move it up or down in your minutes as you finalize your formatting.

For more information on taking minutes and building agendas in Boardable, check out our Help Center articles.

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