[VIDEO] How To Use the Boardable Scheduling Tool

Boardable makes meeting planning easy in a variety of ways. One of the simplest but most useful tools for meeting planning is the Meeting Scheduler. This feature allows meeting admins to propose a range of dates and times, and choose the one that the majority of attendees prefer. Here is a two-minute video that demonstrates how to use Meeting Scheduler.

Boardable Scheduling Tool How-to


The main steps to selecting a meeting time are:

  • Add a new meeting in the Meeting Center
  • Click the “Use the Scheduler” tab at the top of the “New Meeting” window
  • Enter possible date and time options
  • Publish the meeting to notify invitees of date and time options
  • Check back on the meeting responses by clicking “Set Meeting Date” on the right
  • Select the most popular option and notify invitees

If you have any questions about using Meeting Scheduler, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success department for assistance.

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