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Meeting planning has never been easier than it is with Boardable. From selecting a date and time using the Scheduling Tool to distributing documents to attendees in the Meeting Center, everyone invited can be on the same page conveniently and quickly. Now that the meeting is planned and scheduled, let’s look at how to manage RSVPs in Boardable.

How to RSVP as a Meeting Attendee

 Watch a one-minute video on how to RSVP to your meeting invitation here.


If you’ve been invited to a meeting, it is easy to RSVP in several different places. First of all, you will receive an email with the meeting invitation in your inbox with the option to select your RSVP status directly in the email. Also, the next time you log into your Boardable account, you will see a list of your upcoming meetings and your RSVP status on your home dashboard. You can select or change your RSVP status from your home dashboard for any meeting you are invited to. Finally, users can go to a specific meeting to review the time and date, look at the agenda or other documents, participate in a discussion about the meeting, as well as select an RSVP status.

By making the RSVP process as simple as possible for meeting attendees, planning is much easier for everyone! Read more about how to RSVP as a meeting invitee in our Help Center.

How to Manage RSVPs as an Administrator

Watch this two-minute video on how administrators can manage RSVPs.


Boardable administrators have several convenient ways to manage meeting RSVPs. From the meeting page, the admin can see a list of everyone who was invited, as well as their RSVP response (or lack of response). If an admin speaks to a board member or meeting attendee outside of Boardable, they can also manually RSVP for other individuals. Besides changing a RSVP, admins can also designate other attendees as collaborators to help manage the meeting details. The admin or collaborator can easily send a RSVP reminder to anyone who hasn’t responded by selecting “Send Update Notifications” and checking the recipients, “Yet to RSVP.”

In addition to collecting RSVPs for the meeting, administrators can also use the list of attendees and their RSVPs as a roll-call list during the meeting. Once the admin or collaborator has recorded attendance, the information of RSVP and attendance will be instantly calculated in the Reports feature for reference. You can read more about RSVP management in our Help Center articles.

Add Accountability with RSVPs

The simple and efficient RSVP features of Boardable make it easy for everyone to be transparent about their attendance. By reminding your meeting invitees to RSVP and making it easy to do, you can increase your quorums and your productivity.

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