[VIDEO] Member Tour of Boardable

Welcome to Boardable! This post and video are perfect for Account Admins to send to their board members to learn about the specific features of Boardable board meeting software. Boardable is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for everyone on your board. Boardable not only helps you organize necessary materials for your board service, but it also helps facilitate meetings and enables documentation of your board’s achievements.

Check out the video tour below, then try exploring some Boardable features more in depth. There is a full transcript of the video at the bottom of this post.

Boardable Member Product Tour Video


Some of the features mentioned in the video:

  • Clear and concise dashboard interface, with navigation bar and upcoming events
  • Meeting Center, with all documents and details related to individual meetings
  • Agenda Builder feature, to quickly and easily plan meetings
  • Boardable Meetings with Video, all-in-one video conferencing within Boardable
  • Polls, a simple way to vote on minutes or survey a group opinion
  • Document Center, allows permission and group-based access to all files
  • Much more, designed to help your board be more engaged and accountable than ever before

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More Boardable Features to Explore

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Interested in seeing the product up close? Boardable is a software platform that could change the way your nonprofit board operates. If you’d like a personal tour of the software beyond this video, our product experts are standing by. Click below to schedule a demo with a member of our Boardable team.

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Full Transcript:

Hello. I’m Amalia with Boardable, and I’m here to give you a peek into our board management platform in action. Boardable empowers boards to organize meetings, streamline communication, and find everything you need to fulfill your responsibilities in one place. We are there beside you to make board service as simple and effective as possible. Let’s get started and see how Boardable can work for you.

When you enter Boardable, you will enter your personal dashboard where you will see organizational notifications, upcoming meetings, and items to complete. On the left, you will see a navigation menu where you can access the many features Boardable has to help you manage board service. A great way to begin is to integrate Boardable with your personal calendar to stay up-to-date on your meeting schedule. You can sync Boardable with your Google Calendar, Outlook web app, Outlook 365, or iCalendar. Meetings are the epicenter of your nonprofit organization’s work, so let’s begin there.

The Boardable Meeting Center has everything you need to prepare for and participate in board meetings. In Boardable, everything you need for a meeting can be found on one page. You can RSVP in advance at the top of the page, view of the agenda and meeting documents, participate in polls, and record your personal notes during the meeting. If you need to meet remotely, Boardable Meetings With Video is a tool that means you won’t need a separate meeting link, meeting password, or another program to attend your board meeting virtually. Boardable’s virtual boardroom gives you everything you need to participate in the meeting in one place.

You can achieve meeting objectives with just one location to video conference, follow along in the agenda, and present meeting files. You can participate personally with tools like hand raising and screen sharing, and your administrators will be able to record the meeting and meeting minutes, all in the same place. Outside of board meetings, Boardable gives you great tools to communicate, organize, and document your work as a board member. In the People Directory, you can see the profiles of the staff and board members involved with your organization, as well as find their contact info and what committees they serve on. Keep your profile up-to-date so your teammates will know how best to contact you and be able to put a face with a name when working remotely.

Each committee or team has their own space to work in with Boardable’s Groups. Each group can find everything they need on the Group landing page containing meetings, discussions, documents, and even tasks. With unlimited storage, you can utilize the Document Center to host all of your organization’s files in one place. Your organization can securely store and share files right within the Document Center, enabling you to locate important files in Boardable instead of various cloud storage sites and email attachments. Within the Document Center, you can not only store, organize, and share files, you can also sign documents electronically with E-Signatures.

When your signature is requested, you can follow the secured link to access, review, date, and legally sign the documents. Back on your dashboard, along with upcoming meetings, you can view tasks which have been assigned to you and mark them completed. Under Polls on the left-hand menu, you can view a list of polls you have been asked to respond to, to make important decisions, and weigh in on items before or between meetings. If you need your teammates to vote on something like a budget, you can also create a poll here.

Boardable’s Goal Tracking empowers you and your organization staff to be fully engaged in your progress. You can keep track of key metrics and track important information that will cut hours off of preparing reports and audits. Boardable is also available on your mobile device. From your phone or tablet, you can view and RSVP for upcoming meetings, submit votes, review documents, and more, allowing you to manage your board responsibilities and prep for meetings on the go. With all of these powerful tools at your fingertips, you can rest easy knowing that Boardable is there to support you and your organization every step of the way.

Our Boardable Academy, Help Center, and webinars are great resources to help you get started on Boardable. You can access instructional videos, search frequently asked questions, and learn about our best practices to set up your organization for success. Our product support team is also available through the chat bubble in the lower right corner of every screen. Are you ready to be the impactful board member you were always meant to be? Start making your board service smarter, simpler, and more effective by logging on at boardable.com/login today.


Try Boardable free, and see for yourself.