[VIDEO] New User Experience Walk Through

New Boardable users may not be aware of all the features on the dashboard the first time they log in. This new user walkthrough by Boardable CEO Jeb Banner shows the software features in a natural progression. Starting with something as simple as an individual user’s profile information, Jeb shows someone new to Boardable what to expect when they log in.

New Boardable User Setup Tutorial

Also covered in this video walk through:

  • How to schedule a meeting
  • Group details, including meeting times and documents
  • People Directory, illustrating all board roles and members
  • Calendar functions, such as upcoming meetings and integration
  • Discussions that are linked to groups, and connected to email
  • Log-in tips and instructions

If you have any questions about Boardable features or instructions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the chat bubble, our support center, or contact us via email or phone.

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