[VIDEO] Product Tour of Boardable

Learn about the specific features of Boardable board meeting software, designed to be intuitive and easy to use for everyone on your board. What sets Boardable apart from other nonprofit board management portals is that it not only helps with meeting planning and documentation, but also encourages board accountability and engagement.

Boardable Product Tour Video

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Some of the features mentioned in the video:

  • Clear and concise dashboard interface, with navigation bar and upcoming events
  • Meeting Center, with all documents and details related to individual meetings
  • Agenda Builder feature, to quickly and easily plan meetings
  • Polls, a simple way to vote on minutes or survey a group opinion
  • Minutes Maker, to efficiently document tasks, decisions, and ideas during meetings
  • Document Center, allowing permission and group-based access to all files
  • Much more, designed to help your board be more engaged and accountable than ever before

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Full Transcript:

Hello. I’m Amalia with Boardable, and I’m here to give you a peek into our board management and nonprofit meeting software in action. Boardable was started by nonprofit leaders to empower nonprofit organizations, boards, and volunteers. We are there beside you to simplify the process of making your nonprofit as effective and efficient as possible.

Let’s get started and see how Boardable can work for you. Meetings are the epicenter of your nonprofit organization’s work, and our Meeting Center has the power to drive engaging and productive meetings. The Meeting Center has everything you need to schedule, organize, and facilitate meetings for your organization. The Meeting Scheduler helps you save time organizing meetings. You no longer have to send multiple emails and text messages looking for the best meeting date and time for everyone. You can send proposed meeting times to your attendees by using the Find a Meeting Date option. You’ll receive a summary of responses that will allow you to select the best meeting date and time.

If you have a three-day board retreat coming up, you can create a multi-day meeting. And you can quickly schedule staff meetings, quarterly board meetings, or any type of meeting that repeats regularly within your organization by using the Recurring Meeting option. To stay up-to-date on your meeting schedule, you can sync Boardable with your personal or work calendars with our Google, Outlook Web App, Outlook 365, or iCalendar integrations. Let’s jump into the tools that will help you prepare and optimize your upcoming meeting.

The Agenda Builder gives you the ability to quickly create agendas for your meetings. You can start from scratch or start with a customized template. You can add detailed agenda items as well as attach documents to specific line items. These inline documents can be uploaded from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Boardable’s Document Center. All of the files added into the agenda will be easily viewable in one click during the meeting or reviewable in the Board Packet Quick Print feature, which allows your meeting attendees to prepare in advance by downloading or printing the agenda and meeting documents.

In Boardable, everything you need to facilitate a meeting can be found on one meeting page. Designated meeting attendees can RSVP in advance, view the agenda and meeting documents, participate in polls, and record minutes and notes during the meeting. If you would like to add a Remote Meeting option, you can invite your attendees to join the meeting virtually with Boardable Meetings With Video. Your attendees won’t need a separate meeting link, meeting password, or another app to attend your meeting virtually. Boardable’s virtual boardroom gives attendees everything they need to participate in the meeting in one place.

You can achieve meeting objectives with just one application to video conference, share files, and record minutes. During your meeting, designated meeting participants can capture notes, tasks, decisions, and votes using the Boardable Minutes Maker tool. You can add your agenda as a template to kickstart your minutes or you can start from scratch by using the free form editor. There are more than 10 options for types of minutes, including recording the attendance, recording votes and abstentions, and assigning tasks.

Now that I’ve shown you the power of the Boardable meeting experience, let me show you how you can customize this for your organization’s structure. Boardable has flexible plans to add as many users as you need to the account. Adding new users will create a profile in the People Directory, which is a great resource to reference contact information and help nurture relationships, especially if you’re remote. Worried about access to certain materials? Assign account roles when adding new users. There are three account roles: administrator, member, and observer.

Administrators are the power users and have access to everything in the account, including billing privileges and account settings. Members have access to all of the features and groups they are assigned to within Boardable. Observers do not have access to the Document Center but can participate in groups, meetings, polls, and discussions that they are invited to. Give each committee or team their own space to work in by creating groups. Each group can find everything they need on the Group landing page containing meetings, discussions, documents, and even tasks.

With unlimited storage, you can utilize the Document Center to host all of your organization’s files in one place. You can share files right within the Document Center, empowering your users to locate important files in Boardable, instead of various cloud storage sites and email attachments. If you need to limit who can view certain documents, you can set visibility parameters and organize files into folders and subfolders based on groups to limit access to certain files. Within the Documents Center, not only can you store, organize, and share files, you can also sign documents electronically with E-signatures, add signature and date fields to your documents, request signatures, and monitor the status of documents signatures, all within Boardable’s Documents Center.

Now that you’ve added users to Boardable and organized your groups, committees, and documents, I want to show you a few tools you can utilize to keep progress moving between meetings. Every Boardable user has their own dashboard where they are reminded of their upcoming meetings, assigned tasks, discussions and polls they’re participating in, and documents they need to sign. Also on the Dashboard, users can keep track of their assigned tasks and due dates.

As an administrator, you can view the status of completed and incomplete tasks, as well as sort tasks by the specific meeting or individual assignee in the Task Manager tab. Under Polls, your users can view a list of upcoming polls to make important decisions and weigh in on items before or between meetings. If you need to vote and approve a budget, you can create a poll here. If you’re voting on a sensitive topic, you can use the anonymous option to help everyone feel more comfortable voting.

Boardable is also available on your mobile device. Users can view and RSVP for upcoming meetings, scan over a list of their tasks, submit votes, and more allowing your staff and board members to prep for meetings on the go. You can track your organization’s performance by creating specific and measurable goals reflecting your key metrics. The Goal Tracker dashboard will give you insight into your organization’s progress and allow you to provide updates, keeping everyone excited and informed. With Boardable’s Reporting tool, you can view and download a variety of reports to shed light on your organization’s activity and engagement.

Report types include member information, attendance, task completion, RSVP activity, meeting downloads, poll participation, and goal progress. Boardable’s reporting will cut hours normally spent preparing annual reports and audits. With all of these powerful tools at your fingertips, you can rest easy knowing that Boardable is there to support you and your organization every step of the way. Every organization on the Boardable Professional or Enterprise plan gets a dedicated success manager. Whether you want some help with a specific feature, best practices for encouraging adoption by your board and staff, or have a particular workflow you want to bring into Boardable, your success manager is there for you.

Our Boardable Academy and Help Center are also great resources to help you get started. You can access instructional videos, search frequently asked questions, and learn about our best practices to set up your organization for success. Our product support team is also available through the chat bubble in the lower right corner of every screen. Are you ready to take your board management and nonprofit meetings to the next level? Join these and many other fine organizations from around the world by signing up for free today at boardable.com.




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