[VIDEO] Professional or Essentials Plan?

Depending on your organization’s budget and needs, you will need to decide between the Professional or Essentials subscription of Boardable to experience the most efficient operations of your team. Not sure which set of features would be most beneficial? We made this video to make it simple.

Video Guide: Professional or Essentials Boardable Plan?

Learn the differences between these two subscriptions.

  • Designated Success Manager: Whatever challenges or questions arise for your team, you can go to your dedicated CSM when you need help, if you’re on a Professional level plan. Essentials customers can always use our in-app chat support, the Resource Library, Boardable Academy, or look in the Help Center.
  • Board Packet Quick-Print: Whatever separate documents are part of your meeting, Professional users can combine them all into one PDF to print or save. During the meeting, everyone can review the same unified document.
  • Spotlight Video Meeting Recording: Comply with your board’s bylaws and keep a record of all the important actions that your board takes. The meeting recording will always be accessible in Boardable.
  • E-Signatures: This is the fastest, easiest way to collect legal digital signatures from your team. Unlimited e-signatures on PDFs with a Professional subscription.
  • Unlimited Goal Tracking: Set individual, Group, or organizational goals and track as many as you want for superior productivity. Essentials customers can track one goal in their Boardable account at a time.
  • Reporting: Essentials customers can report on up to the last 90 days of attendance, RSVP, task completion and much more. Professional subscriptions can run reports on any length of time that they have been using Boardable.
  • Unlimited Groups: Give each committee or team their own space to collaborate by creating groups. Each group can find everything they need on the Group landing page containing meetings, discussions, documents, and even tasks.
  • Broadcast Announcements: Want to say something to your team that isn’t associated with a particular discussion, group, or meeting? In the Professional Plan, you can make a Broadcast Announcement to everyone whenever you want.

Tools to Help Your Organization Thrive

Whether you’re looking for a more efficient way to communicate with your team and plan meetings in the Essentials plan, or you’re ready to take productivity to the next level with the more robust reporting and goal tracking in the Professional level, Boardable has a plan that fits your needs. Are you a large organization with more unique needs? Inquire about our Enterprise options, too!

We look forward to helping you find the right solution for your organization.

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