[VIDEO] How to Use Boardable’s Task Manager Feature

During a meeting, it is common for great ideas to be thrown around, with good intentions to follow through. How do you help board members keep track of what they promised, and keep making progress between meetings? The Task Manager solves these problems elegantly each meeting.

How-to Video for Using the Task Manager Feature


The List of Tasks Populates in Three Different Places:

  • Individual Dashboard – Each user will see a list of his or her personal tasks. These may have been assigned in a meeting or independently by an account admin. Every time they log into Boardable, they will be able to check their status and check off any completed tasks.
  • Tasks Tab – By clicking on this feature, admins can sort tasks by the meeting, the person, or status. This is ideal for checking task status from the last meeting before preparing for the next one, or verifying which individuals still have outstanding tasks.
  • Meeting Center – Tasks designated during the meeting are recorded along with the agenda, minutes, and meeting details. When looking at the summary of the meeting, the admin can see what tasks were assigned to whom. They will also show up in the minutes, exactly where they were established.

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How Task Manager Works

The Task Manager helps administrators keep track of tasks and due dates, increasing every board member’s productivity and accountability. Each individual user can see his or her assigned tasks and due dates from the home dashboard and Boardable Calendar, making action items scannable in a second.

Meetings are More Productive with Task Tracking

Managing tasks begins with meetings. Administrators and Meeting Collaborators can add tasks organically as needs arise while you move through your meeting.

From a meeting page, you can add tasks by scrolling down to the Tasks section and clicking the Add Tasks button. A popup window will appear where you can add a description, and due date. Assign the task to a group or individual, then click Save.

Administrators and Meeting Collaborators can also add tasks related directly to agenda items in the Minutes Maker.

On the meeting page, click Take Minutes or Edit Minutes in the right-hand menu. Under the appropriate agenda item, add a description of the task in the text area, then select Task from the dropdown menu at the right and click save. You can then click on the saved task to assign a due date and group or person assigned to the task. 

Add Tasks for Users from Anywhere in the App

For Admins to begin managing tasks more broadly, click on Tasks in the left-hand menu. This will show you the Task Manager. Here, account administrators can see all tasks, sorted by task list, person, or the associated meeting. This is also where admins can create tasks, and mark them as completed using the check boxes provided. Non-Administrators can view their own task list here, and mark their tasks as they are completed.

Watch Nonprofit Productivity Soar with Task Manager

Our Task Manager feature is designed to help you make the most of your nonprofit board meetings. Please send us your feedback about how they work for you. We look forward to making future features help you enrich board engagement even more. For more in-depth information on how to use Task Manager, check our Help Center.

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