WEBINAR – Board Engagement: A Must-Have for Nonprofit Success

A quick internet search on any nonprofit topic will turn up thousands of results. Whether it is hacks for grant writing, ideas for silent auctions, or tricks for volunteer recruiting, there is no lack of information on any aspect of running a nonprofit. However, even the best grant writer in the world will do little for your organization, if you have an unengaged board.

Join us December 18 at 2pm EST for an important webinar, “Board Engagement: A Must-Have for Nonprofit Success.”

Boardable CEO Jeb Banner is moderating a panel discussion on the topic of board engagement. Some of the topics we will be covering include:

  • What good board engagement looks like and how it affects a nonprofit
  • Factors that lead to great (or terrible) board engagement
  • How to improve board engagement once it has deteriorated
  • The future of board engagement, including the use of technology

Accompanying Jeb in the webinar will be our panel guests, representing every role in a nonprofit board environment.

Webinar panelists - board engagement

  1. Fred Duncan, CEO of Little Red Door Cancer Agency. In his experience as CEO, Fred will offer a valuable perspective of how a nonprofit staff member can promote healthy board engagement with the team. Fred brings over 15 years of experience in the fundraising and management side of nonprofit governance.
  2. Jen Pendleton, Vice President of Aly Sterling Philanthropy. Jen has devoted her professional career to helping nonprofits reach new heights. As a CFRE, she has worked with Riley Children’s Foundation, Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation, and the Boone County Community Foundation. She now works as a consultant and self-described “board governance nerd” to help nonprofit boards understand where their potential lies.
  3. Bruce Kidd, former or current board member of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (board chair), American Pianists Association, and numerous university entrepreneurial organizations. While Bruce works in the financial services sector in his day job, he has spent many hours of his life in board meetings and knows what good board engagement feels like. Bruce has even started his own successful nonprofit, so he is an invaluable perspective of the board member experience on our panel.

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This panel discussion will last approximately an hour, and will be available for replay afterwards. Don’t miss the live discussion, so you can send in your questions and comments about board engagement for this incredible panel! Register for the webinar.

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