WEBINAR: Board Meeting Agenda Best Practices

We all know every good meeting starts with a good meeting agenda. Below, board governance coach and facilitator Kim Donahue shares her thoughts on what makes a good board meeting agenda.

Check out this 30-minute webinar where Boardable’s Director of Operations, Ashly Myers, interviews Kim Donahue on best practices for building effective board meeting agendas. They also give us a demo of how Boardable’s new Agenda Builder tool works.


Points Kim and Ashly Cover in the Webinar Include:

  • Find out how your board’s current agenda template stacks up against best practices.
  • Learn how to build a better agenda to improve board effectiveness.
  • Put your new knowledge to work immediately with downloadable agenda templates and Boardable’s in-product Agenda Builder.

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Need More Agenda Pointers?

You know you need to cover a certain amount of information and formalities in the meeting, but what is the best format? Check out these three agenda templates for your next meeting. Everyone will appreciate the efficient use of time, and your mission will benefit, too!


We hope you will find these agenda building best practices helpful. Here’s to your next meeting being better than the last!

RELATED: Board Meeting Agenda Best Practices

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