WEBINAR REPLAY: Effective and Engaging Virtual Board Meetings

What You Need to Know

Virtual meetings and teleconferencing have been on the rise for years, and are more needed than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, if not done well, virtual meetings can be boring and unproductive. How can you make sure yours are as engaging as a traditional in-person meeting?

Check out this webinar replay of crucial nonprofit
virtual board meeting tips.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • 5 elements of every good virtual meeting: How to account for the unique needs of virtual
  • Ways to keep all board members engaged during the meeting, wherever they are
  • Meeting planning and agenda tips to maximize the format of virtual meetings
  • Thoughts on how to increase productivity between meetings with remote attendees

More from the Webinar:

As we discussed during the webinar, you’re welcome to download the webinar slide deck with the orange button below. Feel free to share it with your board, staff, colleagues or anyone you think would enjoy virtual meeting tips. We also discussed this article from Harvard Business Review about how to keep people engaged during virtual meetings.

Download Slide Deck Here

More Resources:

About Our Guest:

Over her 30+ years in the nonprofit sector, Kim has facilitated more than 1,000 workshops and planning sessions for nonprofit organizations including sessions on board development, grant writing, program outcomes, and leadership skills for board and staff. 

Kim has served as a nonprofit employee, volunteer and board member. She has taken advanced training in the areas of board development, fundraising, appreciative inquiry, facilitation, coaching and strategic planning. Continuing education for Kim has included BoardSource, The Fundraising School at Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, Bluepoint Leadership and Leadership Strategies.

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