WEBINAR REPLAY – Exclusive Boardable Administrator Training

You know that using Boardable’s board software can make a huge difference for your board. But how do you learn how to use it to full advantage? Even though we created Boardable to be easy to use and quick to learn, account administrators can always learn more ways to maximize their time. We are here to help with a replay of a training webinar for Boardable account admins.

Boardable Admin Training Webinar

Members of Boardable’s Customer Success Team, Laura Clark and Samantha Alarie-Leca, give a comprehensive overview of the platform and share tips and tricks for how to get the most out of using Boardable for your board management needs.


Whether you are a long-time Boardable customer, or using it for the first time, these best practices will help you make the most of your investment in our software. Stay tuned for another Boardable Admin Training Webinar soon.


Here are a few of the topics covered in the webinar:

  • Quick tips get started and set up your account today
  • Suggestions on how to communicate meeting details and materials easily
  • Suggestions for onboarding new members successfully to Boardable
  • Tips for organizing documents and folders
  • Admin Pro Tips to encourage board adoption and engagement

Different features and functionality we go over include:

  • Adding and inviting users
  • Creating Groups
  • Setting up a meeting and testing our Meeting Scheduler tool
  • Adding documents and folders
  • Using our Agenda Builder and saving agenda templates
  • Assigning tasks and create follow-up meetings
  • Starting a Discussion or Poll
  • Setting up Public Pages for your board meetings
  • Using E-Signatures

Interested in sharing a Boardable User Training with your board members? You can find that here.

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If you upgrade to Boardable’s new Professional Plan, you will have a personal Customer Success Manager like Laura or Samantha to help you simplify your board management experience. Customer Success Managers not only help you use the software functions, they also advise board admins about how to get more board members using the software. Because they talk to other nonprofits like yours every day, they are full of useful information about how to plan meetings and organize documents using the software.

Not sure how board software improves the board member experience? Watch a product demo today to see for yourself!

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