WEBINAR REPLAY: Committee MAGIC – How to Improve Board Structure

Do you have so few committees that board members have to do everything? Or are you buried in too many? The wrong committees and poor committee practices lead to frustration, wasted time, and burnout. But don’t worry, we have the information you need to get your committee structure in tip-top shape and to help your board get more done than ever before!


Check out this webinar with nonprofit board expert Dr. Joynicole Martinez.


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Learn what the standard committees a nonprofit should have are, and how to improve them. Also, no more board meetings that are half committee reports! In this webinar, we cut through the minutiae to explore how committee and board function can be simpler and more effective.

In this webinar, you will learn:

    • The common types of committees, and how to structure them correctly
    • What “diversity” actually means when you are composing your committee roster
    • More modern ways of structuring your committee timeline (hint: no more standing committees!)
    • What needs to be covered in your committee charter, and how it relates to your bylaws
    • Answers to audience Q & A

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Joynicole Martinez has worked with nonprofits for over 20 years. She has a doctorate in Health Sciences and has worked to advance the equality of housing and educational opportunities for people of all backgrounds and income levels, with an emphasis on public health outcomes. She is currently the CEO of Alchemist Agency, a nonprofit and business consultancy. Dr. Martinez serves on several boards, including The Franklin Foundation for Innovation, Association of Nonprofit Specialists INC, All Ladies League, and Wisdom to BELIEVE Foundation. Her passion is “where wealth, philanthropy, wellness, and shelter intersect.”

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