Webinar REPLAY: Legacy Giving – How It Will Help You Raise Revenue

Are you struggling to build a reliable stream of gifts in your fundraising plan? Join us for a free webinar with Lori Kranczer on why a legacy giving program is important for fiscal stability now and future growth, and how you can begin to set up a legacy giving fundraising program that can help stabilize your development efforts and support your cause for years to come.

If you’re ready to secure a pipeline of future gifts to support your nonprofit and keep them coming, this webinar replay is for you.


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In this discussion, we explore why legacy giving is important now more than ever and how to set up a legacy program at your nonprofit, even if you have no idea where to start. You can download the slide deck with this button, and don’t forget to check out the case statement worksheet Lori provided below!

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  • Do You Want To Bring In More Current Gifts And Build A Pipeline Of Future Gifts?
  • Are You Confused On Where To Start, Or Piecing Things Together From Things You Learn Online?
  • Are Bequests Or Other Gifts Coming In And You Are Not Sure How To Handle Them?
  • Maybe You Are Over-Scheduled And Not Sure How To How To Add Legacy To Your Existing Program?
  • Or, Frustrated Because It Seems Daunting And Technical?

During the webinar, Lori answered all these questions and more. She also invited attendees to join her private Facebook group, Legacy Giving Made Simple. You can download this worksheet for creating a case statement. Simply fill out the form and use your answers to craft a 1-2 page statement. Visit the Facebook group or contact Lori for more guidance.

Download Case Statement Worksheet

About Our Guest

I am a legacy giving consultant that works with nonprofit professionals and leadership to create strong, sustainable legacy giving programs. I have always had a passion for philanthropy and was lucky to be able to apply my legal career to connect with the causes I love.

I have been in the nonprofit space for 20 years, creating and running several substantial legacy program initiatives for large nonprofits. I started my consulting practice 2 years ago so that I can bring my expertise to many organizations to make their programs soar. I do this through several step-by-step programs that provides my clients everything they need to exceed their goals. When I am not helping nonprofit pros, I tinker with my creaky 100-year-old Victorian house in Brooklyn, NY, listen to 90s grunge music and chase after my 2 little “legacies.”

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