WEBINAR REPLAY: How to Retain End-of-Year Donors

Fundraising at a nonprofit is an ongoing puzzle. You may have limited resources and time, so how can you spend them best? By improving  donor retention, nonprofit development efforts go further with less effort. Learn in this webinar how increasing donor retention by just a few percent each year can have amplified benefits over time.

Check out the replay of this informative webinar full of actionable advice on how to keep more donors from this year and make next year easier than you hoped. The slide deck can be found below.

Watch the Replay

Here are a few points we discussed with Steven:

  • The current state of donor retention across nonprofits
  • Why December 31 is much more important than Giving Tuesday for fundraising
  • Reasons donors continue to donate to a nonprofit, and why they stop
  • Simple ways to increase donor retention this year and next

Download the Slide Deck

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