Webinar REPLAY: Want a HIGH-Performing Board of Directors?

If you’re a founder struggling with a board of friends and family who don’t actually further the mission, or if you’d like to equip your existing board to be more supportive, this webinar replay is for you.

We sat down with nonprofit expert Kamila Brown Washington to talk about HIGH-performing boards.

Watch this replay for great advice on kicking your board into B.O.S.S. mode!


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Some points covered in the webinar include how to:
  • Identify, recruit, and manage, an independent Board of Directors positioned to carry out your vision and provide the tools and resources needed to execute your program effectively.

  • Clarify the expectations of your “DREAM” Team to deliver “result-driven” outcomes that will continuously *move the needle forward* by implementing a “Courting and OnBoarding Method.”

  • Generate monthly Operating Capital by monetizing your Board’s position with the “Give/Get Policy.”

More Resources from the Webinar

If these are challenges you have with your board, watch the replay to understand how setting expectations and recruiting board members for their ability to help the cause are key to board success.

Share the slide deck from the webinar with your team to start important conversations about the role of the board.

Download Slide Deck Here

As with any webinar advice, please check with your legal counsel, local, state, and federal laws before amending bylaws or practices.

Kamila also shared a workbook to use during the webinar. Gain inspiration from the prompts within.

Download Workbook Here

The questions and information in the workbook can help your organization leadership think about the role of the board in development, vision, and oversight. Do you need to make some changes? We hope this replay and the downloadable resources give you some helpful starting points.

About Our Guest

Kamila Brown Washington, MBA, is a Chief Strategist/Online Charity Launch Coach to Nonprofits & Entrepreneurs with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. She is skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Global Humanitarianism, Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, and Management. Her strength in entrepreneurship provides Business Coaching to small businesses, start-up nonprofits, and entrepreneurs to help grow your community initiatives and expand their brand globally.

Kamila is the Founder/CEO of Kamileon Professional Development ). She started her nonprofit organization in 2008 with $0 and has generated over $4MILLION in revenue. The agency has leveraged its visibility globally through humanitarian partnerships in Kenya, Haiti, Brazil, Chile’, and Honduras. KPD provides professional development training, technology resources, wardrobe and image services to these impoverished communities.

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