WEBINAR REPLAY: Start a Nonprofit Board from Scratch

Learn to start or grow your board right!

For the life of a nonprofit, few considerations are more important than the growth and cultivation of the board of directors. Starting a nonprofit board on the right foot will impact the organization for the long haul. Or maybe your board is established, but you’re not sure on the best practices for growing it. This webinar with board governance expert Kim Donahue has you covered with all the tips and advice you need to start or grow your board well.

Starting a Nonprofit Board from Scratch Webinar


Some of the topics we cover in this webinar include:

  • How to assess what board member roles you need
  • Where to look for board member candidates
  • Best practices for interviewing potential board members
  • Effective ways to onboard new board members
  • Do’s and don’ts for refining your board culture

Here are the great audience questions and timestamps:

Question 1: What is the average term limit and/or how many terms (in general and consecutive)? 40:20
Question 2: Can you please talk more about how to find/use a board fair, and other ways to find new members? 42:20
Question 3: Do I legally have to have a treasurer and secretary? 43:00
Question 4: Is the norm for national nonprofits to have virtual board meetings, considering member geography? Also, for an established nonprofit, what is a reasonable amount of time to take to basically rebuild a board from scratch? 44:50
Question 5: Are we talking about having multiple boards at once? And are committee members also board members? 47:10
Question 6: What are you thoughts on founding board members who are married? And how quick should we look for an additional board members before submitting paperwork to IRS for 501c3? 49:10
Question 7: I am the founder of our nonprofit and do not intend to leave anytime soon. How do I protect my position? 50:10
Question 8: Can you start with an advisory board first and than build into and executive board? 52:11
Question 9: Would you recommend board meetings to be private or opened to officers and others? 53:20

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