Welcome Matthew, Jacob, and Adam to Boardable!

As part of Boardable’s growth to over twenty countries and hundreds of nonprofits, we are adding new team members, too. This hiring growth was further accelerated with $1M of funding in May 2019 from High Alpha Capital. With this funding, we plan to double our staff by the end of the year. Matthew, Jacob, and Adam are our most recent hires, and we are excited to introduce them to you, our nonprofit friends!

Meet Our New Team Members

Matthew Anderson, Product Manager

Matthew Anderson, Boardable Product Manager

Matthew is the person creating a better product experience for everyone using the Boardable app. He is always suggesting helpful ideas for our Boardable customers, little ways to make using the software easier than ever. Matthew is also our first ever completely remote employee, doing an incredible job all the way from Mexico City, Mexico. When he isn’t thinking of ways to improve the board member experience, he has a full life in Mexico City as a painter with gallery partnership, a musician and spending time with his dog FutureMan (#seniorpicz).

Prior to joining Boardable, Matthew started his own digital company called Adproval, and then became product manager at BuySellAds. He is looking forward to using his experience and skills to help nonprofits through a great Boardable software experience.

Jacob Smith, Product Developer

Jacob Smith, Boardable Product Developerduct

Jacob joined our team initially on a very special project: Boardable’s new mobile app. After interviewing a variety of developers, we quickly realized Jacob was the only one with the skills, collaborative ability, and experience to handle such a critical need. Once the app was finished, Boardable snatched up Jacob as a permanent employee, and rely on him every day to make sure our software is not only reliable, but always improving. Before Jacob worked with us, he had worked on projects with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s.

Outside of Boardable, Jacob likes to play Factorio, do woodworking, or spend time with his wife and daughters. He also had a brief stint (approximately twelve minutes) as a longboarder, before ending up in the emergency room.

Adam Pedersen, Business Development Manager

We began talking to Adam about working at Boardable a year ago, working to find exactly the right fit for him. One thing we knew right away was that with his passion for getting to know people and helping nonprofits, he would be a valuable member of the team. Finally, the perfect need presented itself, and we hired Adam in May of 2019 to focus partially on national chapter-based nonprofit partnerships.

Adam had successful career in the music industry, managing bands and planning their promotion before coming to Boardable. He founded a company called Catalog Sound and was a label director at Joyful Noise Recordings. These days, stays in touch with the local music scene, and spends time with his wife and children.

We’re Still Growing

Keep an eye out for new hires and growth at Boardable the rest of the year. Think you have passion for nonprofits and skills a software company like us could use? We always invite you to get in touch in case there is a perfect fit! You can email our VP of Operations, Ashly Myers, with questions or ideas.

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