Welcome Our New Content Manager, Caroline Hoy

The Boardable team got one member stronger when we brought Caroline Hoy on board as content marketing manager. In her role, she leads all things content: production, promotion, optimization, curation. Caroline’s efforts will enable the Boardable brand to reach a wider audience, while the content she oversees will continue to engage board members, executives, administrative staff, and consultants with thought leadership pieces, product information, customer enablement materials, company stories, and more.


We’re thrilled to have Caroline on the team. She brings deep knowledge of content marketing, combined with first-hand experience serving as the executive director of a local nonprofit, making her the perfect voice to speak to our customers and brand followers.


A little more about Caroline, in her own words:


What projects or previous work experiences are you particularly proud of?


“Last summer, as executive director of Flight1—a nonprofit that provides confidence-building experiences for kids using aviation—I planned a “movie night in an airplane hangar” event. It took months to execute, arranging airplanes for the kids to explore, securing movie rights, getting corporate sponsors, publicizing the event, safety considerations, everything that goes into a 1,000-attendee community day. We showed Pixar’s Up in the hangar, and at the very end, we opened the hangar doors to a fully inflated and glowing hot air balloon. You could hear the gasps of everyone at the event. It was such a magical moment that hit home for me how rewarding it is to work hard and be able to impact people in a positive way.

Caroline Hoy
In 2015, I wrote an essay for a spoken-word show called Listen to Your Mother. It was a national syndication of shows in dozens of major cities, in which everyone was invited to submit written pieces about motherhood from any perspective. The show chose my piece, and I appeared alongside several published writers and professional speakers. It was an incredible writing and speaking experience, and I am still friends with many of my fellow speakers today.”


What are you most looking forward to in your new role at Boardable?


“So many things. First of all, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from some of the best in several fields. Particularly in the entrepreneurial world, I get to learn from our CEO, Jeb, who has started and run his own marketing firm, as well as multiple successful nonprofits. In digital marketing, Julie is such an absolute dynamo. She is someone I’d pay to hear speak at a conference, and I get to learn from her every day!


Second of all, I’d say I’m incredibly energized by the team dynamic in our office, and the excitement of being part of a startup with such potential. It is really exhilarating to hear about our future plans in meetings—you can feel how everyone is pulling in the same direction.”


What’s one interesting fact about yourself that people may not know?


“I’m a bit of a Renaissance woman. In the course of one five-year period of my life, I got my private pilot license, taught English in Spain, and worked as a hairstylist. I believe there is something to learn and explore in every stage of life.”


Welcome to the team, Caroline!

Caroline Hoy

Caroline, making wishes with her youngest daughter.


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