Welcome Boardable’s New Team Member, Michelle Mullen

A growing business like Boardable has many needs. Of course, we need software developers to expand features and keep our platform working smoothly for customers. We have business development and marketing, customer support and financial staff. But who can actually keep all those new hires coming in and manage the needs of a growing team? Flexible, creative, tenacious, and cooperative– we had a long list of traits for a new hire when we found Michelle.

New Boardable board management software hire, Michelle Mullen, office manager and recruiter.

New hire Michelle Mullen (right) with her mother and sister, Barb and April.


Hitting the Ground Running

Michelle Mullen joined Boardable as our Office Manager and Recruiter just as we received $3M in new funding. We knew we’d be growing faster than ever, and one of Michelle’s first projects was to reconfigure our office space to accommodate incoming new team members. Using her background in design and office management, she quickly drew up schematics of our furniture and office area to come up with an elegant and effective plan. She dug right in and improved our environment immediately!

“Developing systems and creative problem solving are some of my favorite things. I really look forward to adding to the energy and agility I see at Boardable.”

New Boardable board management software hire, Michelle Mullen, office manager and recruiter.

Michelle, celebrating five years of service at Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI.


An Artistic Start

While studying Drawing and Illustration at the Herron School of Art and Design at Indiana University / Purdue University – Indianapolis, Michelle’s enthusiasm and helpfulness caught the eye of administrators at the school. She had worked in Student Services as a student, and they happily offered her a full-time position as Student Admissions Coordinator when she graduated.

“I was really inspired by the people there, and the strong bonds within the art community. The surroundings were always so interesting, beautiful, and thought-provoking, too.”

During her five years in Student Service, Michelle is especially proud of two programs that she started there. First, there was the Herron Ambassador Program. Michelle trained, scheduled, mentored, and recruited students to give tours and attend recruiting events in the area. As she worked with more and more students, though, she began to notice that some of them needed help producing a more professional portfolio. Sometimes, a talented individual needs an example of how to represent themselves more formally. Seeing a need, she started the “Artistic Support Program.” One student who participated in both programs stands out to her as an especially poignant example of her work.

“He came to the school wanting to enter the furniture design program, but representations of his skills in a portfolio were just not up to our standards. I enrolled him in the Artistic Support Program and helped him get everything in order. He went on to join our Ambassador Program and was named one of IUPUI’s “Top 100 Students.” Being a mentor and coach to the students made me so proud!”

New Boardable board management software hire, Michelle Mullen, office manager and recruiter.

Visiting the Indianapolis Museum of Art “Winterlights” feature, Michelle has always had an appreciation for local artists.


Jane of All Trades

In addition to recruiting new hires and helping the office run smoothly., Boardable also plans to use some of Michelle’s design skills to make more usable products for our customers. You will see her handiwork on various one-pagers and infographics, as well as on the smiling faces of her coworkers. In addition to all these skills, she also loves to make ink and watercolor art and do yoga in her spare time. She also loves relaxing with her cat, Oliver.

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