Welcome to Boardable, Joanna!

At Boardable, we pride ourselves on how everyone on the team dives into projects, and reaches outside their role to help out. Customer Support helps our product developers understand what features software users need. The marketing department tells Customer Support which how-to videos get the most traffic, so they can address those areas with new customers. Everyone is excited to work together to make Boardable the best experience possible for our customers.

Recently, however, we found ourselves needing more specialized skills. We were lucky enough to hire Joanna Kenyon as a bookkeeper, with that classic Boardable ability to jump into other projects. Joanna started in January 2019 and has already helped us dive into data and numbers in a way only an expert can.

Meet Joanna

Boardable New Hire Joanna

Joanna has a passion for many things, but two of them are prominent in her work history. She went back to school as an adult with a family, and got a certificate in bookkeeping, before earning her bachelors degree in Forensic Accounting. Since getting her degree, she has applied her skills to helping various nonprofits in the Central Indiana area. Some of the organizations she has worked with include The Children’s TheraPlay Foundation Inc. and Hasten Hebrew Academy.

I have worked in bookkeeping for nonprofits, and I am excited to work for a company that provides such a needed service.”

When it comes to bookkeeping, Joanna enjoys being able to help nonprofits and small business owners focus on what they do best. Accounting is something many leaders don’t know a lot about, and it is her pleasure to take the paperwork off their desks.

“I have worked individually with some bookkeeping clients in the past, and always enjoy the one on one work helping somebody get their books in order, setting up QB for them and helping them with a financial plan.  Many times people are so busy focusing on developing their business that they aren’t able to keep up with the bookkeeping part of the job and I really enjoy helping them with this.”

When she isn’t working with numbers, Joanna is an avid gardener and likes to work outside in the warmer months. She hopes to one day soon obtain the distinction of “master gardener.” In the meantime, Boardable is thrilled to have our team “grow” with an addition like Joanna!

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