Boardable Insights: What Our Customer Success Team Means for You

A dedicated customer success manager is an exclusive service we are proud to offer to Professional and Enterprise Boardable customers. You may be wondering, “That sounds great, but what would my customer success manager actually DO for our organization?” There are many advantages to having a go-to Boardable and nonprofit operations expert just a phone call or email away. We talked with Customer Success Director Samantha Alarie-Leca about how she sees this important role.

What are the benefits of a dedicated Boardable Customer Success Manager to your nonprofit board of directors? They help you maximize the nonprofit software.

Get Your Board Using Boardable Faster

Samantha sees a big part of her team’s (including Customer Success Manager, Laura Clark) role as providing a hands-on introduction to using Boardable. Nonprofits come to us because they want a more effective way to coordinate their board. They wants easier meeting prep, simpler communication, and a one-stop-shop for other tools their board uses, like task tracking, goal reporting, voting, and more. But sometimes nonprofits would like some help figuring out how to start meshing Boardable into their existing system.

“I really work to understand a new Boardable customer’s needs and help them get value from the platform as quickly as possible. Together, we develop a customized plan for their unique challenges and goals.”

Often a Boardable admin comes to Samantha or Laura with questions about how to implement the software in a particular way. Maybe they have a board member who is resistant to new technology or their board members are geographically spread out. Samantha and Laura love to offer specialized tips and tricks to facilitate success.

Specific Advice, Just for Your Nonprofit

Samantha and Laura know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always work with nonprofit boards. While the Customer Success team does think about common questions or needs and provides resources to answer them, often a board needs a bit more. A big part of what Samantha and Laura do is work to understand the existing process at the nonprofit, why they do things the way they do, and then show them how to accomplish it with Boardable.

“I try to find out WHY the customer started using Boardable in the first place. What’s the problem they’re trying to solve? Then, we work through how they can achieve the results they want by using Boardable.”

By working individually with a dedicated customer success manager, nonprofits get a hands-on introduction, tips for adoption by the board, and specific resources to make the board experience better than ever. The customer success team also acts as a direct helpline for any technical issues or questions. All Boardable customers have access to the in-product support chat and email of course, but sometimes it helps to have your very own personal resource when questions pop up.

The Power of a Nonprofit Community

Boardable customers in the Professional or Enterprise plans not only benefit from the product expertise of the Customer Success team, they also tap into the knowledge of the wider nonprofit community. Whether in monthly group webinars or in talking to nonprofit leadership every day, Samantha and Laura are able to collect helpful information for all their customers, making them invaluable thought partners and leadership coaches.

“We learn a lot of best practices from our admins and love sharing those with other customers. It can help facilitate everything from how to use the software in the agenda approval procedure before a meeting to how to conduct online voting on governance issues.”

Samantha plans to increase the sense of the community going forward with formal knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. She is also constantly working to improve the webinars, blog posts, and onboarding resources available to all Boardable customers, not just those with a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Stay tuned for more great materials from her and her team!

In addition to one-on-one support with your CSM, Boardable supports paid accounts in the following ways.

  • The Boardable Academy, with quick-start resources to run better board meetings. Find videos tutorials, articles, and links to all upcoming training webinars
  • Frequently Asked Questions help center, with step-by-step instructions for features
  • Resource Library, with video tutorials and informational nonprofit articles
  • Technical support (including the pop-up chat) from Boardable staff for various troubleshooting needs
  • ONGOING: The addition of Boardable software features and current feature improvements
  • ONGOING: Monthly training webinars to help administrators and board members use Boardable effectively (check The Boardable Academy for upcoming dates)
  • UPCOMING: Consultant office hours in areas such as governance, board engagement, fundraising, etc.

As always, if you are in a free trial or a paid subscription, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions. We always welcome and value your feedback. At Boardable, we are committed to making an indispensable tool for your nonprofit board success.

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