You Started a Young Professionals Board – Now What?

Next Steps for the Young Professionals Board

Once you have established a Young Professionals Board (YPB) for your nonprofit, you can consider how to develop that board and how to keep the members of the board engaged

It is likely that the members of this board have little or no experience serving on a board. It is also likely that like most in the Millennial Generation, they are seeking volunteer experiences that connect them to their community and make the community a better place to live. Your organization has an opportunity to educate your young volunteers while you reap the benefit of their passion and willingness to work hard for a cause.

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Involve Your Young Professionals Board

Review the strategic plan with the YPB. Help them to understand the goals that the nonprofit is working on for the next few years. Certainly, the YPB members will appreciate understanding the strategic direction for the nonprofit. They may find additional ways that they can assist in accomplishing goals.

Additionally, involving some members of the YPB in the strategic planning process can bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to your planning. Seek feedback and new ideas from your YPB. It also helps them to see where the YPB fits in the plans of the nonprofit. It is important that the YPB sees where it fits in fundraising, event planning, and overall support for the nonprofit.

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Educate Your Young Professionals Board

Just as continuing education is important for a governing board, it is also essential for the members of the YPB receive education, too. The YPB can be a training ground for the governing board. Have an education piece included in every YPB meeting. Also, help them to understand how a YPB differs from the governing board. Talk to them about advocacy and how they can spread the message about the wonderful work being done.

The members of the YPB will be interested in understanding the differences between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Bring in an interesting speaker from a local foundation so that they learn how the grant-making process works. Finally, have them suggest what they want to learn about in their meetings

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Remember to Appreciate Them

Your YPB will be a source of enthusiastic fundraising activities for the nonprofit. Their enthusiasm and energy can be inspiring for your governing board, too. Plan some joint meetings or a joint reception where the governing board members have an opportunity to meet and thank the members of the YPB. Let them know that their volunteerism is appreciated. Be sure to show them that their work is having an impact on achieving the mission

Share information on the impact of their fundraising. Have a program manager show how the funds they have raised have made it possible to support, improve, or expand an existing program. Make sure they know how much your organization needs them

Everyone wants to be appreciated. By involving your young professionals in the direction of the nonprofit, educating them to prepare them for a role on a governing board, and publicly appreciating their work will help your young members to know that they make a difference.

CASE STUDY: CHIP Young Professionals Case Study

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