Corporate Social

Boardable supports organizations that impact underrepresented groups and communities.

Our CSR committee is the guiding body that promotes employee-based volunteerism and selects charitable organizations that further our community initiatives. We make donations every quarter based on employee input from a fund set up by Boardable that is continually invested in as we grow.

Boardable By The Numbers

Boardable serves more than 2,000 organizations in over 40 countries ranging from nonprofit, healthcare, education, and enterprise business.


Of our customer team serve on boards & committees

4 out of 5

Boardable founders actively serve in Board Leadership positions


of our leadership team serve on boards & committees

Community Initiatives

Giving back to our communities is dear to our hearts, and we encourage employee participation through our matching gift program. One of our most recent initiatives addressed food insecurity; we partnered with a local food bank during our company retreat to package, sort, and deliver food. Our customer success team also makes a concerted effort to support and showcase our customers’ positive impacts.

Diversity in Tech

We recognize we have a great responsibility as a SaaS-based (software as a service) company to promote diversity in technology. Establishing equal representation in the tech industry strikes a chord in us. It’s why we continue to advocate for and donate to organizations that are committed to advancing this cause.

Living Our Mission

As a geographically dispersed team, we at Boardable promote employee-based volunteerism and work to reach a cumulative goal of 500 hours annually. Many of our team members enjoy regularly volunteering at the organization for which they actively serve as a board or committee member.

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