Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering nonprofits free access to Boardable for 90 days. Offer good for new accounts now through April 2020.

Keep Your Board on Track

Create specific and measurable goals to track your organization’s key performance metrics. Set a timeframe and use trackable benchmarks to specify the type of goal you want to accomplish.

Benchmark Types:
  • Currency
  • Numerical
  • Percentage

Monitor and Add Progress

As you work toward a goal, keep stakeholders informed and engaged by documenting the progress made. Track goal progress for individuals, committees, and the overall organization.

Hold Your Board Accountable

Visual updates give stakeholders a pulse on progress, while also highlighting where increased efforts are needed. Your Boardable dashboard will display a chart of your progress toward the overall goal based on the timeframe and progress updates you submit.
Track and measure the success of your organization’s goals and board initiatives. Set benchmarks to keep your board informed and engaged on the progress of key performance metrics. Sign up for a free trial of Boardable today to get started.