Leadership Study Report: The Wake-Up Call - A Study of Nonprofit Leadership in the US and It's Impending Crisis

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Based on more than 1,100 surveys with nonprofit leaders, “The Wake Up Call” presents key findings from the first major study on nonprofit leadership, led by Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Harriet Day of the University of Plymouth in England. This 45-page report is chock-full of compelling data and insights.

  • 78% of nonprofit organizations do not have a formal succession plan in place.
  • 67% of nonprofit leaders plan to leave their position in the next 5 years.

— “The Wake Up Call”

The nonprofit sector faces unprecedented challenges including changes in tax laws, new funding models, and aging leadership.

“The Wake Up Call” provides a road map for nonprofits that want to navigate these challenges. Learn what leadership styles are dominant at nonprofits and why some are more effective than others. Learn what works (and what doesn’t) in fundraising, strategic planning, and succession planning. See how your nonprofit stacks up against the data, and learn how to build a stronger culture of philanthropy across your organization.

Boardable partnered with Bloomerang, Donor Search, and Concord Leadership Group to fund this study on nonprofit leadership. As we help nonprofit boards work more effectively and efficiently, we also want to educate and inform them on best practices that will help them navigate the current and future challenges they face.

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