Customer Success Webinar: Designing Your Best Video Meeting

Hosting a great video meeting takes planning - so we're helping you design the perfect experience.

Presented By:

Katie Cordell

Katie Cordell

Customer Success Manager

Join Boardable Chief Product Officer Jeff Middlesworth, Director of Product Management Eric Peters, and Customer Success Manager Katie Cordell, at 2 PM EDT on Friday, April 16 for a discussion on how Boardable can empower your board to have its best video meetings ever.

Learn how to plan for video meetings to keep your members engaged, regardless of where they are located. Be sure to bring questions for a special Q&A session at the end.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • How to plan for video meetings
  • How to improve member engagement during meetings
  • How Boardable can manage video meetings – from agendas to minutes


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