Modernizing Boards: Why It’s Time to Blow Up the Board Book

Download the “Why It’s Time To Blow Up the Board Book” Ebook

Paper board books are a long-standing tradition at all types of organizations, but they’ve quickly become a thing of the past! Printing hundreds of pages pricey, wasteful, and super time-consuming. Not to mention, you can’t expect board members to be happy about reviewing and keeping up with stacks of paper.

With countless tech tools at your disposal, it’s time to ditch the traditional board book and go digital!

Grab your free copy of Why It’s Time for Modern Boards to Blow Up the Board Book and discover everything you need to know about launching your organization into the digital era.

This complete guide empowers today’s boards to rethink their approach to board documentation and make meeting preparation easier than ever before. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • Why the Paper Board Book is Outdated

    From reducing their carbon footprints to prioritizing convenience, understand why so many organizations are going digital with their documentation.

  • How to Inspire Your Board to Ditch Paper

    Get actionable steps for inspiring even the most traditional board members to ditch the archaic paper board book and adopt a digital format.

  • Which Tools Can Smoothen the Shift

    Learn how specialized software can make the transition to electronic documentation as seamless as possible, making it easy to generate buy-in.

The most successful organizations have one thing in common: a well-prepared board. With the actionable tips from this guide (and the right tech on your side), you’ll be well-prepared to make documentation as convenient and efficient as possible.

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Download the “Why It’s Time To Blow Up the Board Book” Ebook
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