The Board Engagement Playbook: 7 Tenets For Success

The professional world is growing increasingly competitive, meaning that CEOs and board officers have to work overtime to keep board members fully engaged in their work. When board members are disengaged, they aren’t motivated to actively participate in board meetings, promote positive public relations, or follow through with what they’re tasked to do.

If you’ve noticed a lapse in engagement amongst your board, grab a free copy of The Board Engagement Playbook: 7 Tenets for Success. In this guide, discover actionable advice on how to build a more professional, accountable, and devoted board of directors.

Built by the leaders at Boardable, this complete guide contains actionable tips and insights from other leaders in the industry. It’s intended to help empower leaders at all types of organizations to successfully engage board members. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • What Outstanding Engagement Looks Like

    Review our seven tenets for board engagement success to better understand what various forms of board engagement can and should look like for any type of organization.

  • Ways to Achieve Better Board Engagement

    Each tenet for success in this guide features advice for BOTH board administrators and board members themselves. No need to brainstorm on your own — take action today!

  • How to Jumpstart Your Board's Progress

    Get actionable steps for engaging your board members, conveniently formatted as a checklist and based on industry insight. With these action items, you can easily start checking off the boxes at your own organization.

Whether you work for a major corporation or a grassroots nonprofit, the most successful organizations have one thing in common: an engaged board of directors. We’re confident this guide will give you the inspiration you need to make your board highly effective and motivated to produce greater outcomes and promote a more sustainable future for your organization.

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