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Discover the five (5) tenets that make up the modern tool kit of a professional nonprofit board.

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While nonprofit boards are staffed and managed by volunteers, nonprofits themselves are businesses. Boards are in place to help these businesses meet their goals, grow in the market, and attract new consumers or donors. Nonprofit boards can provide better guidance to nonprofits when they operate as a professional board.

Grab a free copy of Professionalizing the Nonprofit Board Experience and get actionable tips to help set guidelines, build structure, create processes, and select tools that result in a more professional, more accountable board of directors.

Learn how to build a more professional board of directors with tips and advice such as:

  • What Role a Professional Nonprofit Board Should Play:

    Review the 5 tenets of success for creating a more professional nonprofit board to better understand what various forms of successful board governance can and should look like.

  • Ways to Achieve a More Professional Board:

    Get actionable advice toward improving how your board operates with regard to building structure and hierarchy, setting guidelines, and obtaining tools to help board members be more successful.

  • How to Jumpstart Your Board's Progress:

    Each tenet of success in this guide features best practices and exercises for your board to complete that will help inform your process moving forward. Take action today to level up fast!

Being a part of a modern nonprofit board goes beyond simply volunteering and advising. Boards should have clear expectations, guidelines, and resources for their members in order to help them do their jobs better. We’re confident this guide will give you the inspiration you need to make your board as professional and effective as possible.

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Download Professionalizing the Nonprofit Board Experience Ebook
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