Ebook: Build and Recruit a More Diverse Board

Give your nonprofit a boost by building the strongest board possible.

Free Ebook Download: Building and Recruiting a More Diverse Board

Great boards don’t build themselves, which is why recruiting stellar board members is such a high priority for organization leaders and sitting board participants alike.

Is your board full of variations of the same person? A diverse board is a strong board. Benefit from a variety of perspectives when you know how to recruit board members with the diverse backgrounds and skills your organization needs.

Discover how to recruit a more diverse board with tips such as:

  • How to Assess Your Board Needs

    Learn tips for identifying missing perspectives and skills on your existing board.

  • Where to Connect with Quality Board Recruits

    Gain an understanding of where to look for board members of diverse backgrounds.

  • Ways to Scale Your Diverse Board

    Read actionable steps toward maintaining the diversity of your board as it grows.

Each organization has unique board member needs, but it is in your organization’s best interest to recruit as many backgrounds and skills as you can. We’re confident this guide will give you the inspiration you need to keep building a strong board into the future.

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Free Ebook Download: Building and Recruiting a More Diverse Board
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