Beyond The Basics: A Guide to Accelerating Board Performance

EBOOK DOWNLOAD: A Guide to Accelerating Board Performance

Has your board settled for mediocrity? Do you need something new to inspire your directors to be actionable and reliable champions of your organization? Then this free guide is for you!

If you’re ready to take your board’s performance from average to extraordinary, grab a free copy of Beyond The Basics: A Guide to Accelerating Board Performance. With this guide, discover proven best practices for building a more professional board of directors that can invoke real change at your organization, whether that requires enlisting help from external experts or restructuring your approach to data management.

Built by the leaders at Boardable, this complete guide contains everything you need to know — straight from industry professionals. With these tips, you’ll be prepared to transform your board’s performance, putting your organization on the path for success. You can expect to learn how to:

Learn how make the most of your valuable board time:

  • Supplement Weak Performance Areas With Subject Matter Experts

    Learn how to assess if your board should partner with consultants to find and address weak performance areas, as well as other scenarios where industry professionals can help.

  • Leverage Tools and Metrics To Increase Your Effectiveness

    Find out why reporting regularly on board-specific and organization-wide outcomes is so crucial. Plus, we explore how to use tools to make measuring and communicating more efficient.

  • Amplify Your Board’s Effect With the Right Committees

    Get a better understanding of what a helpful committee structure looks like, how it supports the board, and how it can make for a more diverse team that's filled with new perspectives.

By the end of this eBook, you’ll have everything you need to harness your board’s strengths and fill in the gaps. We’re confident that this guide will direct you toward a more impactful and professional board of directors with the skills to produce better outcomes for your organization.

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EBOOK DOWNLOAD: A Guide to Accelerating Board Performance
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