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Our meeting minutes are in disarray and no one knows where to find an important document! Half the board doesn’t know when the next meeting is and the other half hasn’t RSVP’d.


Never fear, a free ebook is here. In this special kit, we examine the role of board admin in detail, what makes for a super admin, and the tools that can help make the job a little easier.

Find out how to empower your board secretary or executive admin with the info in this guide.

If you’re considering taking on the role of board admin any time soon, make sure you check out this free download.

What can you expect to find in this kit?

  • What Makes a SUPER Board Admin:

    Recruit the best board or staff member for this role when you know how to recognize the traits of a super admin.

  • How to Be a Hero In This Role:

    Before, during, and after meetings, learn some insider tips and tricks for doing this challenging job well.

  • All the Tech Gadgets You Need:

    Every superhero has an arsenal of clever gadgets to help them overcome challenges. A board admin needs tools, too!

Beyond taking meeting minutes and distributing documents, the board secretary or admin is pivotal to the success of your board of directors. We’re confident this guide will give you the resources you need to supercharge the board admin role.

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Download the “Nonprofit Board Admin Superhero Kit” Ebook.
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