Nonprofit Board Roles, Unpacked (BONUS: Board Chair Checklist!)

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What’s the difference between a board treasurer and a bookkeeper? What makes for a stellar board secretary? Does the vice-chair do more than run a meeting if the board chair is unable to attend? Find out EXACTLY what these crucial nonprofit board roles entail and how to pick the best person for the job in this guide.

In this free ebook, we’ll examine the similarities and differences between all the board offices, as well as discuss how defining these roles can set your board up for success.

FREE BONUS: Are your ready to be the board chair? Use this bonus checklist to find out!

If you’re considering taking on the role of board president any time soon, make sure you feel comfortable answering all the questions on this checklist.


Boards perform better when expectations are clear and you have the following spelled out:

  • The job description for each role:

    Recruit the best board member for each role and plan board succession with these descriptions in mind.

  • How each role impacts operations:

    Learn what each role contributes in the areas of fiduciary records, governance, meeting planning, and more.

  • Best practices for working together:

    Find out how each role on the board of directors can work together for maximum effectiveness with the board and org as a whole.

Understanding nonprofit board role responsibilities is a building block for an effective board. Do board members and officers know EXACTLY what is expected of them? We wrote this ebook to help them do their jobs even better. We’re confident this guide will give you the resources you need to make your nonprofit leadership team as effective as possible.

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Download the “Nonprofit Board Roles, Unpacked” Ebook.
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