Nonprofits: What You Need to Know About Hosting Effective Virtual Meetings

Make your virtual meetings more engaging and productive with these actionable tips.

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Virtual meetings are a miracle of modern technology for nonprofit board members who are spread out geographically, busy with work commitments, or otherwise unable to meet physically. However, without the right planning and consideration, virtual meetings can be boring, unproductive, and a waste of time.

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Learn how to improve virtual meetings:

  • Consider Your Bylaws Around Virtual Meetings

    Find out how to assess if your nonprofit board bylaws permit remote attendees, virtual meetings, absentee voting, and more.

  • Think About the Pros and Cons of Virtual Meetings

    Consider whether virtual meetings or remote attendees are right for your organization, and what you need to account for if you decide to proceed with virtual meetings.

  • Learn How to Engage Every Attendee

    Understand the human factors that impact virtual meeting participation and productivity, including actionable tips to draw all attendees into the conversation.

Use this free ebook to have virtual board meetings that your entire organization will look forward to attending.

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Download “What You Need to Know About Hosting Effective Virtual Meetings”
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