Webinar: Nonprofit Governance Questions Answered by Coach Kim on April 11 at 2PM ET

Submit questions for Boardable's nonprofit governance expert, Kim Donahue. Kim has over 30 years of experience advising nonprofits on everything from conflict resolution to effective board meeting structure. Submit your biggest board governance questions for her to answer LIVE via monthly webinars or in an upcoming blog post.

Presented By:

Caroline Hoy

Caroline Hoy

Boardable Webinar Host
Kim Donahue

Kim Donahue

Veteran Nonprofit Board Governance Expert
  • Hear Coach Kim’s advice on new board member orientation, what to include in bylaws, meeting best practices, and much more.
  • Submit your own question, or learn from her responses to other nonprofits like yours
  • If your question isn’t addressed in the webinar, it may be featured in Kim’s next blog post!
  • Register even if you can’t attend, and see all the answers in the replay.

Register for our April 11 webinar here.

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