Webinar: Help! Our board raises the same amount every year!

Join us Wednesday, April 21 at 2PM EDT for a webinar with board fundraising expert, Sherry Quam Taylor

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Julie Perry

Julie Perry

Boardable Host
Sherry Quam Taylor

Sherry Quam Taylor

Board Fundraising Expert

You have big goals for your nonprofit. And the board helps with fundraising when they can. However, they raise the same amount every year and you can’t seem to break through to the next level.

How Your Board can Start Securing Larger Donations from Individuals

(When you’ve raised the same amount of money for years)

Board Members – Is the organization you serve with really good and raising the same amount of money every year? It’s frustrating when you want your volunteer role to make an impact by helping raise MORE funds, but it seems like every year the organization doesn’t have the money it needs to invest back into the growth. 

If 2020 caused your organization to take a deeper look at its funding model and the associated activities, maybe you realized you were too dependent on government funds, large foundations, program revenue, or event revenue. 

So, what to do as a Board Member? How can you help your organization shift from the old-school, fundraising silos (that never allow you to scale) and move into an overall financing approach that actually propels your growth each year?

In this training we’ll discuss:

  • The three things that likely caused your funding to plateau in the first place — AND how to stop it
  • Breaking free from traditional fundraising silos and shift into a true financing model that fully funds your organization every year
  • How to align every hour you spends on fundraising with gifts that yield the highest ROI

Register today, and don’t miss the answers to these questions. Webinar is free, but space is limited. Can’t attend live? Register to receive the replay and slide deck!

About Our Guest

Sherry Quam Taylor teaches nonprofit CEOs and their teams how to break free from traditional fundraising models and activities that limit growth and never secure enough money to fulfill their organization’s vision. She helps teams become less dependent on program, government, and event gifts by helping them learn how to secure large, investment-level donations from individuals.

The leaders she works with are high-performing experts in their field but desire an overall financing model that will truly scale their organization’s impact, give them a larger amount of unrestricted funding for overhead, and maximize every hour their teams spend raising revenue. She helps them learn the exact steps to pivot into a mid-and major level gift program that feels comfortable, empowers their advancement team, and fully funds their mission for the long-haul. She does this nationally through private, one-on-one coaching.

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