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Board Management for Digital Transformation

Oftentimes, the operational success of a business begins from the top down. When board members can successfully communicate with other board members, it benefits the organization as a whole. Arming board members with versatile and comprehensive tools provides more than just increased capabilities. These tools help to streamline communication, apply accountability, and organize meetings. Because of these tools, many board members turn to board management software, such as Boardable, to help them run more efficiently. 

Boardable was developed by nonprofit and for-profit board members to help alleviate the communication obstacles board of directors often face. Unlike other board management software, Boardable equips boards with tools and abilities to streamline the board’s efficiency. Stagnant meetings and unorganized email communication are now a thing of the past. With Boardable, board members can host meetings, track progress, organize emails, and many other tasks from its easy-to-use interface on a computer or mobile device. 

There is no one specific type of business or organization that can benefit from Boardable. Whether your organization is community-based, government, real estate, or school, board management software can positively impact your board’s ability to overcome barriers. With fewer hindrances in the way, your board can make more inclined, impact-driven decisions that will benefit themselves and the organization in its entirety. 

Board Management Tools

Boards of directors across all businesses and all industries face a plethora of issues and obstacles daily. At the very core of successful board management is effective communication. Since today’s workforce follows a hybrid model, it’s important for board members, no matter where they are located, to be equally involved and aware of board-related tasks and projects. Ensuring everyone is kept in the loop is a task that is much easier said than done. This is where board management software can help streamline board functions and communication.

Boardable provides a holistic approach to board management, bridging the gap between document management and communication. With Boardable, board members have a number of board management tools to help effectively drive responsibilities and ease obstructions. Board committees can easily access important documents and complete or request e-signatures.

Additionally, board committees can better ensure accountability and completion by providing tools to run effective meetings. You can create agendas, take meeting minutes, and distribute both directly in the platform. Having board management software like Boardable means your board can maximize efficiency and drive success for your organization.

Nonprofit Board Management

Like any for-profit company, board committees are vital components for nonprofit organizations. However, nonprofit board of directors’ roles and responsibilities may vary from their for-profit counterparts. A nonprofit board of directors roles and responsibilities pdf can help keep information about your specific organization in one place. Having a nonprofit board portal in place designed specifically for nonprofit organizations can significantly help these entities utilize their resources in practical ways to help save time and money. 

As in any business, communication is key. However, this is especially true for nonprofit organizations. With the rise of virtual meetings, especially in the nonprofit world, as many of these organizations are nationally or internationally based, its essential board members are always on the same page. Since colleagues are often not local to one another, having a single platform where board members can plan and host virtual meetings helps streamline communication.

Additionally, a document center hosts the same benefits for nonprofit companies as it does for a for-profit. The document management capabilities, coupled with the many other features of Boardable, allow board committees to focus on other things, such as the 10 basic responsibilities of board members.

Board Management in Classroom

Just as a board committee has important responsibilities, a school board is also responsible for many things. A school board drives all decisions for a district, from curricula to holiday observances to many other areas of concern. Thinking back to the global pandemic, school boards were faced with some of the most impactful decisions regarding the health and safety of students and staff. Boards were required to meet at length and ultimately decide how the school year would proceed, whether offered online, in-person or a hybrid model.    

School boards saw more criticism than ever during the pandemic. This is primarily due to the role they play in communities. They are entrusted to bridge the gaps between students, educators, and community members, as they are putting residents’ tax dollars to work.

With the weight of the community on the back of school board committees, they must have proper communication and organization at the forefront of their operation. The use of board management software can broadly impact how effectively a school board operates in conjunction with the needs and wants of educators and the surrounding community. 

School boards have the power to make decisions for the schools and districts they are responsible for. Streamlining communication for school boards starts with implementing an effective platform for board management. In classrooms across the globe, school boards’ decisions are in effect, highlighting the importance of proper board management for school boards.

Board Management System

Board committees are essential groups held in high regard due to the nature of their responsibilities. Group members are accountable for making tough decisions that impact entire organizations. They ultimately decide what is not crucial for an organization and what is. Board management software is a helpful tool to help streamline board committee functions.

There are a number of board management systems on the market. The best board management systems should have the versatility to serve boards across various industries. Whether in the corporate setting, nonprofit organizations, or educational institutions, the board of directors is responsible for making decisions that impact the organizations at scale. 

Having such vital responsibilities on their plates, board committees should ensure the implementation of an easy-to-use board management platform, such as Boardable. With Boardable, board members can utilize various tools to drive decision-making effectively. 

As previously discussed, board management software pricing varies significantly on the number and type of features offered. More robust systems may be more expensive compared to other platforms where fewer features are available.

Board Management Software Free

Don’t have a set budget for a board management solution at this time? No problem! Boardable offers a free, robust board portal software package so you can experience some of the most important features of Boardable at no cost.

With Boardable’s free plan, you can host up to ten documents in the document center. You have access to the agenda and minutes manager with the ability to host unlimited meetings. ​​Additionally, you get video conferencing with access for three different groups, two of which can be non-users. You also have Boardables’ 24/7 technical support whenever an issue arises.

If you need more than what the free package offers, you can perform a board management software comparison to determine which paid package is the right fit for your organization. Either way, you will have all the necessary tools and functions Boardable offers to help facilitate effective communication across your board committee. 

Board Management Training

Arming your committee members with proper tools is essential to a board management system. With Boardable, board management goes beyond just software. Boards employ customized board management training to help with onboarding new board members. With board development training, committee members can reach their full potential.

Board of directors training programs give members the confidence to use Boardable thoroughly to their utmost potential. At the enterprise level, Boardable offers customized board training programs for new board members. Training online allows members to complete training from the comfort of any location.

While corporations may benefit most from training for board members, nonprofit organizations can also reap the benefits of training. Free training for nonprofit board members consists of videos and other methods of conveying training materials.

From implementation to onboarding, board management solutions offer invaluable benefits to for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Whether your organization is for-profit or nonprofit, comprehensive meeting tools to streamline communication are available. Board training videos are available for members through Boardable so they can easily get started using the platform. Explore Boardable’s website to learn more about it can change the game for your board committee’s efficiency.

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