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Delaware Episcopal Church Manages 90+ Boards with Boardable

When you’ve been with one organization for 29 years, you’ve seen your fair share of growth and change. For Kathleen Moore, Executive Assistant to the Bishop of the Delaware Episcopal Church, moving the large, dynamic group into the age of digital transformation was a huge success – one the organization desperately needed. 

As the managing business office for all 34 of the Episcopal churches in Delaware, Kathleen, and her team are responsible for ensuring the churches throughout the entire state are managed and operated in coordination with ecclesiastical law. Based in Wilmington, DE, the Delaware Episcopal Church has multiple boards with approximately 90 volunteer board members.

The Challenge

Within the Delaware Episcopal Church, there are three main governance boards that meet with the Bishop six to eight times a year. The governance boards – the Trustees, Council, and Standing Committee – are made up of 10 to 15 elected positions and are required by ecclesiastical law. The Bishop also sits on all three of these governance boards. 

In addition to these Governance boards, the Delaware Episcopal Church also has ad-hoc boards on an as-needed basis. With 90 volunteer board members spread out across nine different boards, managing meetings, notes, manually gathering, and organizing all of these groups was near impossible. 

Prior to leveraging Boardable as their board management solution, Kathleen and the team were:

  • Managing all board needs on a manual, ad-hoc basis
  • Mailing physical copies of meeting agendas to board members in advance of meetings
  • Reformatting and editing inbound documents manually
  • Collecting RSVPs by phone or email, and then following up with every board member

When all was said and done, it took an entire day’s work to fully prepare for just a single board meeting.

With so many boards – some of which met six to eight times each year – this meant that upwards of a month of manual resources were being spent just preparing for meetings. In addition to the employee resources, the costs of printing, postage, storage, and more required assets were piling up over time. 

Introducing Boardable

When a new Bishop was elected in the diocese, digital technology became a key focal point of the church’s mission and forward-thinking vision. Efficiency was critical, so Kathleen began the search for a flexible platform that would allow all of the church’s boards to operate on the same level while keeping documents and meeting minutes organized. 

After looking at multiple platforms, including Dropbox, the Bishop presented the idea of Boardable, a nonprofit-focused startup solution, to the team for consideration. Starting with a trial of Boardable in December of 2018, Kathleen worked to slowly roll the solution out to all of the church’s boards one by one.

Starting with the Trustee governance board as a trial group, the Church rolled Boardable out to the entire team over a three-month period. Kathleen worked systematically to gather feedback and input from earlier groups to help refine the onboarding process for later groups. This made the onboarding process smoother than anticipated and allowed the team to become better acquainted with the idea of the new platform. 

With this onboarding plan in place, Kathleen was able to customize welcome programs for the different groups and board members, including: 

  • Tutorials and training programs
  • Frequently Asked Questions and feature highlights
  • Established best practices across all groups

Now, some of the board admins are able to work outside of the box and really unlock all of the amazing features of Boardable. There is cross-team knowledge sharing that allows the different boards to work efficiently as individual groups as well as a cohesive unit.

Today’s Operations

After using the Boardable platform for more than a year now, the level of efficiency and transparency through the Church organization has vastly improved.

Additionally, the Delaware Episcopal Church is also leveraging Boardable as a:

  • Repository for meeting agendas, minutes, tasks, and other content
  • Source of truth for people to go back and review action items, assigned tasks, notes, and more
  • Well-organized storage center for all historical documents
  • Integrated RSVP tool that is instantaneously updated
  • Place to vote on next meeting dates or reschedule board meetings

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