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Youth Sports Nonprofit, Gulf Swimming Brings Members Together

With a portfolio of over 60 successful USA Swimming clubs across Houston and the surrounding area, Gulf Swimming fulfills its mission of promoting competitive swimming for all. With a long history of robust success, Gulf Swimming focuses on helping young swimmers grow and strive for excellence in and out of the pool. A large and diverse board of directors helps support their mission and initiatives. Here’s how this award-winning organization serves the community and fulfills its mission of excellence in Texas swimming.

The nonprofit has a long history of success in providing programming and incentives to its membership, including: 

  • Gulf Awards Banquet
  • Ladder of Success
  • Coach of the Year
  • Age Group Coach of the Year
  • Bob Stallings Award
  • Phillips 66 Award
  • The Pauline Phillips Award
  • Olympic Training Center Visits
  • Membership Travel Reimbursement

All those good works and successes require a strong, cohesive, and engaged board to get things done. Fortunately, Gulf Swimming makes things happen every day. With over 30 board and committee members and 10+ annual meetings, Gulf Swimming leadership meets often enough to be very effective. Furthermore, members stay organized, up-to-date, and engaged with initiatives and upcoming events, thanks to Boardable. 

Gulf Swimming wisely uses committees to break down work and ensure excellent communication. Eighteen different committees with over 30 members serve this dynamic and thriving sports nonprofit. This setup ensures the organization always has the skilled assistance and insights – and the manpower – needed to get things done. As the organization continues to grow, a good, solid foundation for communication is essential. More board members, employees, and volunteers means more reliance on clear communication and board member buy-in for success. 

Gulf Swimming sports nonprofit executive director Julie Bachman talks about how Boardable has helped with board meeting management.
Swim practice at Gulf Swimming requires coordination with dozens of volunteers.

Gulf Swimming Relies on Boardable to Bring Members Together

Using Boardable’s board software, Gulf Swimming has improved its internal communications, making it easier for members to stay in touch and up-to-date. According to Executive Director Julie Bachman, Boardable’s willingness to listen and respond was a key differentiating factor for the nonprofit.

“Adam (a Boardable customer account rep) showed an interest in our organization and other organizations in our business space…I see Boardable as an integral part of youth sport/volunteer management in the near future.”

Boardable has helped facilitate communication and has made committees run more efficiently at Gulf Swimming, according to Bachman. Consequently, the organization has an easier time keeping its board and committees focused and on-task. It’s also easy to follow up on previous conversations and on assigned tasks. When board members can get in touch between sessions and their responsibilities are clearly spelled out, it is easy for them to live up to expectations and to help fulfill the organization’s important mission. 

Bachman’s favorite feature of Boardable is the task assignment and follow-up procedures, which make it easy to track a large number of dedicated volunteers and board members as they support the nonprofit. This process has streamlined communications and eliminated ever-growing and ongoing email chains that the organization struggled with in the past.

“I did not like having to search through emails and documents (some in Google Docs, Dropbox, etc) to try to find information.”

Bachman was the driving force behind the nonprofit’s adoption of Boardable and reports that the organization has benefited from the facilitation of communication and boosted engagement.

Gulf Swimming sports nonprofit executive director Julie Bachman talks about how Boardable has helped with board meeting management.
Julie Bachman and Paralympic World Champion, McKenzie Coan.

Gulf Swimming + Boardable = A Winning Combination

“Boardable is the top board management software out there for one reason – each Boardable team member we’ve interacted with listens to our needs and wants to make the software work for Gulf Swimming. They don’t dictate…they LISTEN.”

Streamlining communications and making it easy to assign, facilitate, and track tasks have benefited everyone involved with the Gulf Swimming organization. Board members have clear ideas of expectations and know what they need to do to support the organization’s important mission.

Best of all, the athletes who participate in Gulf Swimming events and who rely on the organization are fully supported and able to focus on the competitive side of swimming.

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