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How to Update Organization Settings

Have you ever personalized the dashboard of your Boardable account? This is a great way to provide updates or motivation to your board members or other Boardable users the moment they log in. If you haven’t updated your Organization Settings in Boardable, here is how.

Two-Minute Video: How to Change Organizational Settings

Logo, Dashboard Message, Timezones, and More

By clicking on the “Settings” link in the bottom left panel of your Boardable account, you can customize the portal for your organization.

What You Can Customize in Organization Settings:

  • Add organization’s logo
  • Add a dashboard message for all users
  • Specify a timezone for meeting details
  • Adjust agenda format preferences

As always, be sure to reach out to the in-app support if you have any challenges, or read all about the feature here. We continually monitor feedback on our product and look for ways to make your Boardable experience better than ever.

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We know that what happens after a meeting is also critical. Keep post-meeting momentum going with a centralized hub your team can access before, during, and after meetings to promote autonomy and collaboration.


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