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Why Your Board Needs More Than A Documents App

Board meetings are most successful when team members prioritize organization. Without quality organization, boards may struggle to have a successful and productive meeting. Because you can easily get distracted in meetings without a plan, board committees must consider finding available board documents software where they can access critical information in one location. It takes more than a documents app to achieve success for you and your board.

Having the ability to manage your documents can mark significant changes in your board’s productivity and efficiency. However, as you look for a high-quality document management platform, you will encounter numerous options that may make your final decision difficult. Finding software suited to your board’s purpose and requirements is crucial and often best done when you implement more than a documents app platform that is solely focused on one area.

Managing documents manually is a risky business for any board. Even the most careful planner might miss important details or forget to address specific subjects during a meeting without a documents app to collect resources in advance. Minor missteps in a board meeting may be brushed off by some members and pushed to another day. However, the more documents and details are missing, the more work you pile on for your next meeting, and the less likely you’ll cover all critical topics. If you are a board member struggling to manage documents, software like board management software is a vital asset. Boardable’s document center is one solution board leaders can use to improve document management. 

Document management software for boards is essential to ensuring document security, and our document center securely stores, shares, and organizes vital documents and materials you need for a successful meeting. Regarding document security, we have the best protections available. For instance, Boardable prohibits users from selecting one of the top 1,000 most commonly used passwords for their profile. Passwords on Boardable are all encrypted and require specific elements to ensure your account remains safe and protected.

Documents App vs. Board Management Software

While you may be aware of how document management software can benefit your board meetings, determining how to implement document management system software is a different challenge. Some boards struggle to successfully implement this type of software because they do not follow a document management framework to contextualize and navigate documents.

Boards without board management software commonly struggle to organize all their documents and materials. Boards without management software can use document management systems as “digital duct tape.” These boards often use tools like Google Docs, Word, Google Drive, and emails. Given the various platforms, boards use without management software, manually tracking all document files is nearly impossible. However, instead of using a Google Docs download or template for your board management, you can implement a safe document management framework for your board.

A document management framework is simple, comprehensive, and accessible to board members. A framework helps ensure that your board covers the basics of document management. Board document management requires structure and organization, which is best done following a framework.

Document frameworks do not have to be overly complex. Your document management framework helps you strategically plan your meetings to guarantee success. Your board’s framework will outline crucial documents for your board meetings through a practical approach to each subject you want to cover. The document management framework is crucial for many reasons and helps boards navigate their documents system to track and store all documents relevant to your board. This framework makes it easier to manage your documents and understand the need for each document. Some aspects covered within frameworks for a board’s document management system include standard practices, storage, privacy, and archived documents.

Board Of Directors Documents

The board of directors should always have a few crucial documents at their fingertips for easy access. Even if your board deals with a sizable number of documents, it is crucial to organize all documents in an accessible location for all team members. There are specific board governance documents that your board of directors should pay specific attention to when prioritizing and organizing meeting documents.

If you are a member of your committee’s board of directors, documents can pile up quickly. Without guidance on which documents are essential to your work, you might overlook some crucial details that could significantly help your board committee. To begin, your board of directors should consider documents containing nonprofit information. For instance, your articles of incorporation, bylaws, and IRS determination letter should be accessible to everyone on your board of directors.

Next, you should ensure easy access to policy-related documents. These documents might include a document listing all current board members’ names, contact information, bios, and roles. Following this, you will want to ensure that you have a document that clearly outlines each board member’s roles and responsibilities. This document helps clarify roles for new members and guarantees that everyone on your committee knows what they aim to accomplish.

You should also have easy access to documents regarding finances and fundraising. These documents include your annual budget, financial reports, recent audit reports, banking resolution forms, fundraising plans, and a donor list. These documents are crucial to understanding how your board spends its funding and if you are appropriately distributing your assets.

Alongside these documents, you should always keep track of organizational and operational documents and a strategic framework for your board. This strategic framework might include a roadmap of your organization or a detailed action plan that outlines your current objectives, responsibilities, and timelines.

Digital Transformation Governance

Governance is crucial to the success of corporations and nonprofit organizations. Implementing a new document management system and collecting crucial documents are vital to improving your corporate governance processes. Developing a board governance framework is beneficial to your committee’s success overall. Nonprofit governance covers the start to finish of your board’s framework to provide strategic and comprehensive leadership.

Digital transformation governance goes beyond standard governance practices and involves strategic leadership policies encompassing elements like regulations, policies, and practices for your organization. Management software like Boardable and similar platforms offer resources to understand digital transformation governance and drive current, innovative board governance policies. For instance, your digital transformation governance may involve management practices regarding recruiting efforts or identifying the roles and responsibilities of all committee members.

Governance is essential to your board meetings and how you collect crucial information relating to your board. A single source for all of your board information is a surefire way to keep members of your committee on the same page during meetings. Furthermore, your committee can develop and implement a secure space for all sensitive documents and information that only designated users can access.

Securing data is one of the essential things that board committees must do before moving forward with managing sensitive materials. Your committee will need platforms like Boardable to secure your private information. The various privacy initiatives that Boardable takes into account include an information security program that highlights the importance of administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect your data against accidental, unauthorized, or unlawful disclosure, destruction, and access.

When implementing a document management system into your board committee’s materials, you must ensure that the selected platform has safeguards to protect your committee. Your governance framework must go beyond the typical outline and include essential points to guarantee safety and eliminate the risk of unauthorized users accessing critical documents.

Board Management Tools

Ultimately, your board committee will find success not only by having members passionate about your mission but by implementing the best board management tools available. While a documents app and management center is one tool that will benefit your board members, it is far from the only option you have. For instance, platforms like Boardable provide numerous features to board committees to ensure high-quality meetings and accurate documentation. Among the various features that Boardable offers are tools for e-signatures and easy access to crucial documents that you need to sign.

Additionally, Boardable understands the importance of having tools to create board agendas for all your meetings. We offer free agenda templates and guidelines and offer you help in organizing your board agendas logically. When using Boardable to create a compelling board meeting agenda, you can accomplish significant work during your meetings.

With Boardable, you can take accurate meeting minutes and keep a strong, consistent, comprehensive record of your meeting agendas. Without board management tools like these, committees will struggle to maintain strong governance or work efficiently. We can help you maximize efficiency and become a successful leader for your committee. Though a document center is essential to gathering critical information in one location, it is not the only tool that can help your board function. To ensure that your meetings run smoothly, you must look for some of the other features mentioned above in your search.

Boardable encourages open collaboration between all board members while securing sensitive, private information like credit card data, passwords, and cybersecurity coverage. Board committees will benefit from using Boardable vs. a stand-alone documents app. Boardable will help you feel secure when utilizing its document center and with every part of your board management process.

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